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Woman Says She Is Muse For PartyNextDoor Album Cover, Haiti Babii Speak

Haiti Babii speak after his baby mother appeared on PartyNextDoor's NSFW album cover


PartyNextDoor’s controversial viral album cover caused quite a commotion as the model revealed her identity, and her baby daddy distanced himself from the ensuing fiasco. The rapper Haiti Babii, who has a child with the woman, called her out.

On Wednesday, PND revealed the controversial art for his much-anticipated upcoming album “PARTYNEXTDOOR 4 (P4)”, set for release on April 26th. The NSFW cover caused quite a stir as it featured a woman sprawled naked on a bed.

Long braids-like tendrils are seen lying on the bed, and the woman is in a provocative position on her stomach. The photo taken overhead exposes her backside with stretch marks, and her lower back has a tattoo with the numeral four and a tendril design. The photo was criticized for its sexual content as many questioned the need for exposure, especially on social media. “Bro thats somebody daughter,” one person commented.

Following reactions to the cover on TikTok, the woman later identified herself, leading to drama as her baby’s father seemingly shared his displeasure at the choice. “POV: you’re the muse for Partynextdoors new album,” she captioned the video.

Her baby father appeared embarrassed and seemingly distanced himself from her and the album cover. “I didn’t know my child’s mother stripped or did only fans or was apart of PND rollout,” he wrote on Instagram Story. He added, “I’m not posting to shame or humiliate her because ik she’s living her dream.”

PartNextDoor has not responded to the drama, but many seemed amused.

“Someone said “little sex worker” I threw the phone,” one person commented. Another said, “OMG, it’s always yo baby daddy that be yo biggest haters.”

“He probably said something publicly because he’s getting calls and texts letting him know she’s viral for it. it seems like he’s just clearing the air,” another added.

All of this is building anticipation for PartNextDoor’s first album in four years. PartyNextDoor 4 is the follow-up to his 2020 project, Partymobile, which peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 chart.