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Doja Cat Denies Dissing Cardi B On New Song: “Get A F***n Life”

Doja Cat addresses Cardi B diss

Doja Cat

Doja Cat set a fan straight who suggested that she disses Cardi B on one of her recent songs. The ever-outspoken singer/rapper has never backed down from any spat online.

The “Need To Know” artist was chopping it up with her fans on X on Wednesday (April 3) when one person asked her which song she song did she “whack” Card B on. The fan was responding to a tweet from Doja Cat that reads, “‘DISRESPECTFUL’ is one of my Top 3 fav.”

In response, the fan tweeted, “OK, but which one did you whack Cardi B on?” Doja quickly snapped at the fan, saying, “None of them. Get a f**kin’ life.”

In the song in question, Doja Cat mentioned Cardi B, but not in a disrespectful way toward the Bronx rapper. “You out here actin’ like you sniffin’ on some Carly Rae/ Cartier on you, but you walkin’ like you Cardi B,” she raps. Some fans also thought she name-dropped Coi Leray, but she did say Carly Rae, which she clarified on X.

Celebrities have blamed their fans for stirring feuds with other celebrities on social media. In 2022, Nicki Minaj and Latto got into a heated exchange on X, much of which was egged on by opposing fans of the two rappers.

Aside from addressing rumors like these, Doja Cat is dealing with a massive music leak, which saw most of her forthcoming Deluxe album leaking online. The singer doesn’t seem to care much about the leak, and most of her fans seem to be anticipating the project hitting DSP. “What does it mean when someone leaks an album why do people get upset?” she tweeted.

Song leaks have affected many big-name artists over the years, like Drake and Travis Scott. Sometimes, overzealous fans hack into their iClouds, and sometimes, disgruntled music producers do the same. Either way, the issue continues to plague artists in the digital era of music consumption.

Doja Cat

Last week, Doja Cat addresses fans who commented on her MASC cover art in which she posted her hair, comparing it to a carpet. The “Agora Hills” singer, who is not new to negative comments on social media, defended her hairstyle saying she is proud of her hair.

“My hair is just 4C hair texture and a lot of y’all don’t give a f**k and that’s good, great […] That’s my hair. That’s fine. It’s okay. [Say] no comment or ‘beautiful.’ That looks great,” she said.