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Ice Spice and Cardi B Squash Beef, Celebrates Dominican Roots: Photos

Ice Spice and Cardi B end rumored feud

Ice Spice Cardi B
Ice Spice & Cardi B

Ice Spice and Cardi B have seemingly patched things up, or perhaps their rumored beef was a nothing burger. The two Bronx rappers were caught in a social media spat last year after a failed collaboration and the subsequent alignment with Nicki Minaj by the Munch rapper.

Last month, at the Oscars Vanity Fair party, Ice Spice and Cardi B crossed paths and even posed for a few photos together. The images surfaced online for the first time on Wednesday (April 3) when the “Barbie” rapper shared them, resulting in both rappers making the trending topic list.

Cardi B, who vowed not to get into it with people on social media, did exactly that on Wednesday when she responded to TikTok creator Raymonte’s comment calling her “very, very ghetto” and a Mexican. The “Bongos” rapper fires back at Raymonte, asking why he never called other Dominican celebrities, such as Zoe Saldaña, Jharell Jerome, or Ice Spice, ghetto.

“I asked you why you feel comfortable calling me a Mexican when ice and jharell Jerome Zoe Saldana are Dominicans and you don’t do that to them,” Cardi wrote on X in response to Raymonte’s post. “You do it to me because you know that’s what people use to hurt me.”

“I asked why he feels so comfortable calling me Mexican?” she added. “I have no Mexican parents. My mom is Trini.. she came out of a whole black woman. My father is Dominican… I’m Dominican just like you.”

via Cardi B X
via Cardi B X

Ice Spice responded to Cardi B’s tweet, writing, “No offense bardi its cus i have a dominican parent & a black one.” Her response was seen as a significant step towards reconciliation or, at the very least, putting the beef rumors to bed, as Ice Spice acknowledged her mixed heritage and the shared experiences that come with it. She also shared the photos of herself and Cardi B at the Oscars party, and the ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper responded with a few heart emojis, indicating a positive response to their interaction on X.

via Cardi B X

Last month, Cardi B explained in an interview why she didn’t release her remix of Ice Spice’s hit song “Munch.” The Bronx rapper says she didn’t like the verse she recorded enough to release the song. “I don’t know about Central Cee, but, I did do like a thing for Ice Spice but I just did not like how I sound,” Bardi said. “No, I love the record, I did not like how I sound.”

In the end, the song did not see the light of day, and some fans theorized that this led to Ice Spice aligning herself with Nicki Minaj as a way of getting back at her fellow Bronx rapper.