Shenseea Shares Her Fantasies In “Die For You” Video Produce By Rvssian

Shenseea showcase body in her in her new video


Shenseea has released a new Rvssian-produced single while still reaping success from her Masicka-assisted hit, “Hit & Run.”

For 2024, the Shenyeng Boss has promised fans a string of singles to enjoy, and the latest in the lineup is a lyrical erotica under the guise of a bona fide love song. The title “Die For You” comes accompanied by Rizzy-directed visuals that match the titillating tone of the track, as Shenseea seduces in red lingerie in a one-woman show. The singer-songwriter held nothing back while painting the riveting scene of her sexual escapade.

“Baby drop yuh pin right now / Me a come mek a link right now / Yeah mi wet inna mi draws right now, yeah / Boy wait cah mi jus drive out / Yeah the way mi nookie tight comin like seh it feel brand new / Yuh fi gimme Big Deal whenever yuh drive through,” Shenseea sings.

“Me nuh waan nothing quick / Me nuh waan no pass through / Want it 90 minutes long like a match a Man-U / Jus gimme pon di bed / Or gimme pon di ground / Keep me coming back because a how yuh mek me moan.”

The extraordinarily risqué lyrics are wrapped in a soft R&B acoustic and made exquisitely palatable by a sonically pleasing Pop beat. Even the title “Die For You” at first glance would make an audience anticipate a romantic ballad about the lengths one would go for a deep, passionate love; and remain oblivious to the nuance and inconspicuous sexual innuendo.

The hook is revealed in the chorus, where Shenseea contextualizes the song title in the final lines. “Jus say giddy up and me will ride for you / Spit inna mi mouth and me like that too / We f**k all night we nuh have curfew / Beg yuh please buss inna mi insides too / Me will do anything yuh waan me fi do / Mi body guzu dung like me work voodoo / It good but a nuh dat alone a hold you / Kill me wid di buddy me a die for you / Die for you / Me a die for you / Die for you.”

“Die For You,” a Head Concussion Records production, is currently available on all major DSP’s. The Now or Never-produced music video was released Friday (March 29) at midnight for those in Eastern Daylight Time and on March 28 Eastern Standard Time. The single is a follow up to “Hit and Run,” Shenseea’s hit collaboration with Masicka which has now amassed over 26 million views and counting since its January 25 debut.