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Safaree Speak On Nicki Minaj Chasing Him With A Knife

Safaree addresses some of the rumors about his past relationship with Nicki Minaj

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Safaree, Nicki Minaj

Safaree Samuels says he was never a ghostwriter for Nicki Minaj despite some rival fan bases claiming he had helped write some of her raps. While on the Jason Lee show, Safaree said he and Minaj were in the studio having “fun” and enjoying the music process, but it was never “business.”

“Even up to now, these fanbases be arguing, and they are tagging [me]… yow, that’s ten years ago, and they are talking about that. It was more of an A&R and bringing the energy,” he said.

Safaree received credit on some of Minaj’s albums but not her solo records. He sued her in 2016 for credits on her The Pinkprint album released in 2014. Lee also zooms in claims that Safaree and Nicki had a violent relationship, but he’s never publicly addressed it. However, Safaree said he didn’t want to clear anything up, especially for random people online.

“I heard that she was chasing you with a knife, I don’t know it was being filmed but I heard that she destroyed your vehicles… Did that happen, or was it, Roman?” Jason Lee asked a reluctant Safaree.

Nicki Minaj and Safaree

However, the “No Regular Girl” singer didn’t seem ready to answer any question about the incident despite being prodded by Lee several times.

“No, I wasn’t almost killed. Like you know, everybody in relationships goes through stuff,” Safaree said about the incident. “I’ve been in so many situations where girls pick things up. And it’s like women are emotional creatures, and I’m older now, and I understand. Girls react differently to things.”

Safaree also didn’t seem to like Lee pressing the issue for details as he mumbled that it was “hot” in the room.

Safaree Samuels also says that he wants “peace” after the host asks if he has a reason for protecting that point of his life and not confirming whether Minaj tried to stab him. In the meantime, Safaree also said he wished his ex-girlfriend the best and claimed he was “trolling” when he said she was the one who “got away” last year.

“I want everyone healthy and happy,” Safaree said when asked if he wished he was still with Nicki Minaj.

Jason Lee also questioned Safaree about Nicki Minaj claiming he stole her credit card and paid for hookers.

“Paying for hookers with a credit card is kinda crazy,” Safaree says but seems to claim that he doesn’t remember details about the incident.