Valiant Taps Stalk Ashley For Intimate Acoustic Performance At TacBar

Valiant thrilled fans at his first acoustic performance at TacBar

Valiant Stalk Ashley
Valiant and Stalk Ashley

Dancehall artist Valiant is igniting the dancehall scene as he performed at his first acoustic performance on Wednesday night in Kingston, Jamaica.

The artist wowed fans at a packed TacBar restaurant and bar in Kingston where he performed alongside Stalk Ashley. Valiant is the latest artist to be signed to Columbia records in the United States and perhaps the fastest growing artist in Jamaica having experienced commercial success at the end of 2022.

Videos of the artist’s performance have received rave reviews from fans who praised him for the acoustic performance, which included a live band and singing. The event saw many of the artist’s fans and peers turning out to support him.

Valiant is known for his energetic and captivating stage presence, which was reflected in his passionate singing of various hit songs, including his recent releases “Lumbah,” “Mad Out,” and “Expensive,” which was well-received by fans who sang along as they belted out their favorite lines and choruses.

The atmosphere of the event said time was passing quickly, but not before Valiant brought out his collaborator, artiste Stalk Ashley. They performed their single “Narcissistic,” which was released a year ago and has 26 million views on YouTube. The evening was topped off with Valiant bringing out rising artiste Armanii, who performed several tracks, including her song “Dunce Barbie.”

Rising artist Zidii also performed the viral song “Formula”. According to a release from the the artist, the event was further elevated with the acoustic experience compliments of a talented band comprising accomplished musicians who have toured with artists like Romaine Virgo, Koffee, and others.

“The aim of the acoustic performance was to offer depth and richness to Valiant’s performance, enhancing the overall ambience of the event.

Valiant, who has also shown a marked amount of growth in his stage presence and ability to please fans, also expressed thanks to his fans.

“Performing acoustically for the first time at TacBar was an incredible experience. The energy from the crowd was electric, and sharing the stage with Stalk Ashley, Armanii, Zidii, and the talented band was a true honour. I can’t wait to continue this journey and share more music with you all.”

Valiant’s debut acoustic performance at TacBar follows a year of success with latest album 4:14 last year.