Metro Boomin and Future Beefing With Drake, Fans Weighing In

Future and Drake seemingly had a falling out

Drake Future Metro Boomin
Drake, Future, Metro Boomin

Fans are convinced that Future and Metro Boomin are beefing with Drake.

Hip-hop producer Metro Boomin and rapper Future are stirring speculation that they had a falling out with Drake following the release of their latest project. After detective fans began to unpack the lyrics of the Kendrick Lamar-assisted track “Like That,” they found K. Dot’s obvious jabs at J. Cole and Drake to be a clear indication that the latter appears to be the one alluded to in the album title WE DON’T TRUST YOU.

“F**k sneak dissin’, first person shooter, I hope they came with three switches,” Kendrick Lamar raps on the song seemingly aimed at “First Person Shooter” artists Drake and J. Cole. The verse goes on to play with more lyrics from the famous collab from Drizzy’s For All The Dogs, including: “Motherf**k the big three, n***a, it’s just big me” and “N***a, bum, ‘fore all your dogs gettin’ buried /
That’s a K with all these nines, he gon’ see Pet Sematary.”

Metro Boomin and Future

When fans realized that this was all happening on a Future album, who they thought was a close friend of Drake, they had some questions.

While it may have taken a while to see, fans now believe longtime collaborators Drake and Future are actually at odds. The two who are usually keen to release joint music, have not collaborated since their Grammy winning hit with Nigerian superstar Tems in 2022. Moreover, Future himself may have given hints of a fallen out in the title track. In the tell-tale rap song, Future calls out ‘someone’ for being a “fake friend” who he fell out with because of a woman.

In the verse in question, Future raps: “You a n***a No. 1 fan, dog/ Sneak dissin’, I don’t understand, dog/ Pillowtalkin’, actin’ like a fed, dog/ I don’t need another fake friend, dog/ Can’t be ’bout a ho, ’cause we sharin’, dog/ In yo feelings, n***a, why you playin’, dog?”

Suffice it to say that it was not difficult to convince social media users that the self-proclaimed “Certified Lover Boy” and the rapper whom fans nicknamed “King of Fertility” could have a rift over a female. They actually deemed it quite credible. While fans are just now hearing enough to piece together the possible fallout of the What A Time To Be Alive collaborators, the beef with Drake and Metro Boomin was already revealed previously, following the producer publicly denouncing Drizzy and 21 Savage’s joint album Her Loss last year.

Metro took to X, formerly Twitter, to double down on a post highlighting the success of his album Heroes and Villains by comparing it to Her Loss. In the caption, the post noted that Metro’s album had garnered the most streams in a single year for any rap album since 2018 and was amassing two times the streams Her Loss was generating daily. The producer acknowledging this, reposted with his own caption where he chimed, “Yet Her Loss keeps winning rap album of the year over H&V. Proof that award shows are just politics and not for me.”

This led to Drake unfollowing the hip-hop producer on Instagram shortly after throwing a sub on his IG Story, seemingly taunting Metro Boomin with Jay-Z’s “Heart of the City” lyrics: “Damn, little mans, I’m just tryin’ to do me/ If the record’s two mil, I’m just tryin’ to move three.”

Aubrey unsurprisingly didn’t stop there, as fans suspect that his rant a couple of weeks later while streaming on the betting app Stake was also aimed at the producer. “To the rest of you — the non-believers, the underachievers, the tweet and deleters — you guys make me sick to my stomach, fam,” the Canadian rapper said at the time.

The beef between Drake and Metro Boomin eventually became old news but now that fans suspect that there is a rift between the rapper and Future as well, there appears to be a renewed interest in the whole debacle. Future has yet to speak on the suspected falling out outside of the song “We Don’t Trust You” which fans believe points to Drake speaking on him with a woman they allegedly were both involved with.

Like every other internet saga, especially those in the hip-hop world, it’s certain that there is more to come and more for fans to uncover, especially given the growing speculation. Be sure to return to Urban Islandz for more on this developing story.