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Meek Mill Seemingly Threatens DJ Akademiks For Revealing Where He Lives

Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks trade jabs again

DJ akademiks, Meek Mill

Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks are again trading jabs on social media, and it seems there is no end to it. Over the weekend, the podcast host took to X to call out the Philadelphia rapper after he shared that he wants $1 million for a podcast deal.

DJ Akademiks wasted no time in offering Meek Mill the $1 million he requested for his podcast, but the rapper quickly rejected it. This comes days after AK challenges the Dreamchasers rapper to a celebrity boxing match for a $1 million payday. Meek says he will name his podcast Culture Currency.

“He don’t wanna box,” Akademiks said. “Maybe he want to podcast?”

Meek Mill says the reason why he wants to get into the podcast industry is so that he can get into the media space to help fight back against propaganda and spread his message of reform in an effort to “uplift the black culture.”

Despite his positive messages, he managed to get into another social media spat with Akademiks, who called him out for allegedly not living in Philly. “You don’t reside in Philadelphia anymore,” AK wrote. “You live in a high rise condo in Manhattan.. u drove to Philly at 2 AM to act like you were ‘spinning’ or ‘looking for opps’. ran into nobody..ran 3 red lights getting outta there and drove back home. lol.. brother.. why did you do that?”

Meek Mill quickly claps back, saying, “Next time ima go live! But if something happen to me we hunting you til death!” Meek said.

DJ Akademiks and Meek Mill have been mortal enemies on social media for the past few years and ever so often they clash over various topics. Last month, AK called out the Philly rapper who was seemingly mentioned in a new lawsuit filed against Diddy. Meek later went on a rant on X accusing AK of being corrosive to black culture.

Some fans are now suggesting that AK might be obsessed with Meek because he is an easy target to drum up his PR for his platform.