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Kanye West Says He Wanted To Smash Nicki Minaj With Amber Rose, Safaree Reacts

Nicki Kanye
Nicki Minaj, Kanye West

Kanye West, now known as Ye, says that he tried to get in bed with Nicki Minaj with him and his then-girlfriend Amber Rose while he was working on his song, “Dark Fantasy,” and now Safaree confirmed what he said.

Nicki Minaj is featured at the song’s start with an interlude and later in rap verses. According to Kanye, her verse referring to her, Kanye and Minaj having a “mé·nage à trois led to him approaching her then-boyfriend Safaree with the proposal.

While on the Big Boy Neighborhood, Safaree’s rapping skills were brought up, leading to Kanye West mentioning the incident.

Nicki Minaj and Safaree

“He was there like…we didn’t really know they was together so we down doing ‘Dark Fantasy’ and he in the studio, I’m thinking she’s a bad b*tch and I’m like ‘yow Safaree you think Nicki would let me and Amber hit with what she said?” Kanye said. Kanye also laughs as he shares that someone told him, “this her man.”

“Me and Amb Minaj Friday? I’m like, what? Aye, ask your girl if I can get her number,” Kanye said, laughing.

Safaree also had a laugh at the story as he confirmed that it was true. “Yea that happened,” he wrote in the comments with laughing emojis. Fans of Nicki Minaj were not pleased with the story as many felt that she was often vilified in the industry because she did not comply with requests like Kanye’s.

“This why she black listed in the industry and there’s the mean girl narrative. Not promiscuous didn’t sleep with anyone for a come up…believe it or not, men start beef with and between women out of jealously too.”

“These people are pushing Cardi out of spite. Gratefully, her era is ending. She should not be a rapper,” one person wrote. Another said, “Everyone needs Nicki they gota mention her or do stuff that will tie them to her when they drop for more traction. She really is the queen wether u like her or not.”

“This is very disrespectful I may not be a nicki fan but this is too much and the only reason why he doing this is because she refused to clear her verse for him. This woman is 100 percent married. The more we allow disrespectful sh*t to get said about our black women the more it’s going to keep happening,” another fan said.

Nicki Minaj is currently on her sold-out tour.

The rapper first hinted that there was a rift between her and Kanye West in 2022 when she told her DJ to remove their leaked collaboration “Monster” from her Essence Festival set. Minaj went on a mini rant, calling Kanye a “clown.”

In the past, Ye refused to sign off on the song’s release. Curiously, he wrote a message this year asking her to approve the release of his ‘Vultures’ album. However, Minaj was getting ready to release ‘Pink Friday 2’ at the time, and Ye’s album would have been competing with her. She never approved the verse, and the song seems forever shelved.