Valiant Responds To Foota Hype Stop Playing His Music Over Jaiifrais Gaffe

Foota Hype delete Valiant music from his playlist

Foota Hype Valiant
Foota Hype, Valiant

Dancehall selector Foota Hype says he has no problems with Valiant, but he won’t be playing his music anymore after he performed at podcaster JaiiFrais’ concert.

Let’s Be Honest podcaster JaiiFrais is under fire over comments that he liked certain controversial sex activities considered taboo and inappropriate for Jamaican men. In an interview with an actress recently, the podcaster admitted that he enjoyed receiving what is known as “b*tty wash” in dancehall culture.

What Jaiifrais said

“What about a** eating,” he asks the actress. “Me nah go lie, Me never really get it but one time it go round there and it’s like it made me smile and I was so ashamed of myself. I’m like, why do I like this,” JaiiFrais says with some dramatics.

Frais also agreed with the actress that he liked the feeling and questioned himself as “it felt so wrong.” He also quickly agreed that once it was with a female, it was fine and not considered gay.

The clip appears to be the reason why Chronic Law did not perform at JaiiFrais and DJ Mac’s Bashment Party over the weekend. However, Valiant is facing backlash for being at the event, and he’s being boycotted by Foota Hype, who has taken a position that Valiant is associating with Jaii, who is into homosexual activity.

Foota Hype on why he removed Valiant music

“You nah hear me play a next Valiant [song] ever. Memba me nah fight against you, me a disassociate myself from you. Memba say without selector artists can’t rich enuh,” Foota Hype said in an Instagram Live video on Tuesday.

He continued, “We have a bond whereas artists and selectors we not even know. If me a dissociate myself from Valiant, you affi decide if ya go b*ttyman road my yute or ya stay straight road. Yeah, don’t ramp with our industry dem way deh bredda and ah not fight me a fight gainst you you can still can do weh ya do. So if Foota nuh play you anuh nothing… me a delete every single Valiant outta mi laptop.”

Fans also weighed in on Foota’s position, with some calling him a hypocrite for continuing to play Alkaline’s music after he confessed that he liked women performing the same sexual act on him. Valiant has never made that claim.

Foota Hype defended his decision as he made an excuse for Alkaline and even made the claim that Alkaline did not double down on him liking “b*tty wash.”

“All of the people dem weh a find batty excuse and ah ask me about Alkaline, make me address this- when Alkaline sing weh him sing enuh, we beat Alkaline kill him enuh. You ever hear Alkaline come out come say him stand by what him say? And him defend himself and a dat him a deal wid? He has never done that. Him take him beaten and go curl up inna one corner. So all a unnu weh a look fi batty excuse now, this bwoy come out come stand pan wah him a say brawling. And a tell the whole a Jamaica say yeah ah him say him a batty bwoy and like him batty play wid. So wha unnu a say? True me and Alkaline nuh good Alkaline never come out…we can assume say Alkaline a try out do Kartel wid some freaky lyrics. Him never come out and say me stand pon wah me say [like] da bwoy ya weh no do music, nuh have nothing fi do with music ah come wrong and strong,” Foota Hype said.

Valiant response

In the meantime, Valiant isn’t bothered by Foota Hype, as he shared a video of him pretending to cry at the Selector’s boycott.

“Yow, Foota say him a delete mi song dem… and the dawg comes to a New York enuh, and mi say the dawg ah say ah one international,” Valiant said as he faked crying while his friends could be heard laughing in the background.

JaiiFrais has not reacted to Foota Hype and the entire fiasco.