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NLE Choppa Admits Fake Chrisean Rock Face Tattoo Was PR Stunt

NLE Choppa says his tattoo of Chrisean Rock was fake

NLE Choppa Chrisean Rock
NLE Choppa, Chrisean Rock

NLE Choppa seems to be furthering his beef with “Thotiana” rapper Blueface as he debuted a new face tattoo of Chrisean Rock on Thursday. It seems the Memphis rapper was merely trolling after revealing that the tattoo was a temporary one.

NLE Choppa have been going after Chrisean Rock after Blueface made an attempt at his baby mother, Marissa, last year. Choppa hired a Chrisean Rock look-alike to appear in his music video “Shotta Flow 7 Remix” with Rock’s former collaborator Lil Mabu. The move drew criticism from fans of both rappers.

The look-alike can be seen in the background of the video, and it did not escape fans who questioned why the Crazy In Love artist was around NLE, given that his baby mother had told her that Blueface had tried to hook up with her prior, but she turned him down.

In a new interview with The Shade Room, NLE Choppa says his collaborator Lil Mabu convinced him to get the tattoo as a PR stunt to garner support for their new song.

“The face tatt idea came from Lil Mabu, so y’all gotta go blame him because he told me to do it,” the rapper said. “It was photoshopped, too. I just [took] a picture of my face, blended it all good. That idea came about through Mabu, and I said you know what? I thought about it for a day, talked to some of the guys about it. They said, ‘Man, that sh*t would go viral.’…So I said, let’s just do it.”

On Thursday, NLE Choppa posted kiss emojis as he revealed that the tattoo was a recent photo of Chrisean. “Just Cause You Was In My Video @chrisean,” NLE Choppa posted on Instagram. He also posted a petty message to Blueface. “On the face so you know I’m serious @chrisean. Free Blueface,” he wrote.

In the meantime, NLE also called out his commenters, who said he was corny for taking shots at Blueface while in jail. “Let’s stop this narrative,” he wrote on Stories in response to a fan.

The fan wrote, “When he was out and tried to set up a boxing match, you declined. Now that he’s locked up, you’ve dropped a diss song and doing petty stuff like this… this seems lame and corny.”

In the comments, NLE Choppa said, “The man posted a fake flyer knowing he had to go to jail for violation of probation how I’m the scare one. The man knew he had to go to jail, but it made it look like to y’all he wanted to box come on now be for real.”

Fans also commented on the tattoo. “Wait till blue get out,” one person said. “I know it’s fake, so ion gotta knock all this sh*t over,” another person said.