Cindy Breakspreare Slams Critics Of Her Relationship With Bob Marley

Cindy Breakspeare: "You can’t wish that away. You can’t take that away from anybody"

Cindy Bob Marley
Cindy Breakspreare, Bob Marley

Cindy Breakspeare, a former Jamaican beauty queen who shares her son, Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marley, with Bob Marley, is publicly defending herself and her decision to celebrate her relationship with the late singer.

Breakspeare has caught much flak from Jamaicans for a post she dedicated to Bob Marley on his birthday earlier this month. Breakspeare had mentioned the places she and Bob spent time in their whirlwind romance that produced Damian.

It seems that there might be a rift in the Marley family over the Bob Marley: One Love Biopic, which is now coming to the fore as the children of Rita Marley, Bob’s wife, have made several shady posts following Cindy Breakspeare’s earlier birthday post.

Jamaicans have chimed in as they insult Breakspeare as a “side chick”, while others have defended her and laid the blame on Bob Marley since he cheated on Rita and appeared to love Cindy immensely, given that he’s written songs for her to profess his love.

Amid the drama on social media, Cindy Breakspeare was unapologetic as she told critics that it was their problem how they perceived her life. She wouldn’t take back anything, especially the blessing that is her son, Damian.

“How would I ever sit here and rather not have Damian in my life? Or not have the awesome relationship that I had with Bob? I mean, do people understand what a privilege it is to be intimately and inextricably associated with the greatest legacy that has come out of Jamaica in 100 years? Do they understand what that feels like? What kind of blessing that is?” Breakspeare said on Instagram Live.

She also had a message for haters who continue to drag her. “You can’t wish that away. You can’t take that away from anybody, you going just have to stay over there and figure it out cause this long ago became your problem it is no longer mine,” Breakspeare firmly said.

Last week, Ziggy Marley made a post celebrating his mother, and his siblings also joined in.

“When a woman tek a bullet in her head because she loves and stands with you and still show up days after to stand by your side again with no concern about her own safety, it does something to a man it tells a man something he will never forget and forever cherish a woman like that is impossible to find one in a billion billion @bobmarley #rideordie wife @officialritamarley @onelovemovie JAH,” he wrote on Instagram.

His sister Sharon wrote, “[No] woman can walk in my mother’s shoes. She is the real QUEEN. Thats just facts. No hard feelings.”

Ziggy Marley also honored his mother over the weekend as he celebrated their wedding anniversary with a photo taken on their wedding day.

In the meantime, Jamaicans, as usual, loudly chimed in on Cindy’s comments, with some defending her while others made light of the entire thing. “Bro everybody know a she bob did love,” one fan commented on Instagram. “Me just knw back den da goods ya use to gi Rita problems eno mayne,” another person commented.

Cindy Breakspeare and Bob Marley

“I don’t know why people bashing cindy!! Bob dead how long now .. Bob was a wild man all when Rita a wife 50 more time Bob cheated on rita with many women not just Cindy,” another added. “If bob was still alive im sure he’d be a new daddy at 79 with the next hottest girl,” another person wrote.

“Goodie basically a say she tek the man and what a your problem not hers you can know say she was a dry yeye matey inna fi har time eno mumma no care about nobody and them feelings lol,” another added.