Skeng Take Shots At ‘Big Belly’ 6ixx Artist In Unreleased Song

Skeng previews new 6ixx diss track

Skeng / cred: SnapX

Skeng seemingly takes aim at an artist in the 6ixx camp in an unreleased song. The dancehall space has been racked with a lot of feuds since the start of 2024, and it appears that artists are taking the initiative to hash out their differences lyrically.

Perhaps Demarco inviting artists to clash in the fall of last year has awakened the competitive spirits in dancehall. While Demarco’s clash with Fully Bad and Kyodi didn’t get the same level of press as the current clashes in the space, it’s worth pointing out that the singjay/producer might’ve been the reason why artists are getting more direct in their lyrics.

Prior to this, it was primarily subliminal shots thrown by artists. Still, after Stefflon Don namedropped Jada Kingdom in her track and unleashed a fierce lyrical battle between the two female deejays, we’re now seeing other artists taking direct shots at their rivals.

On Friday, a new snippet of a Skeng song surfaced online in which he seemingly takes shots at the 6ixx camp. “Knock it pan a 6ixx a wah duh him, a seven up you better bill. Cyah even run, yuh belly big, mi nah nuh chill unda pill, to how mi ill in a mi head mi don’t even care how yuh skill,” the Spanish Town deejay rhymes.

Shortly after the song snippet went viral, Skeng shared a clip of Bugle on his Instagram Story, seemingly confirming that he is calling out a particular “big belly” artist who is a member of the 6ixx crew. Fans are already pointing fingers at Squash and Chronic Law. However, we have no knowledge of any prior feud between the artists.

“There’s only two artists in 6ixx with big belly and everybody know them so might as well Skeng call them names, Squash and Chronic Law,” one fan wrote while another added, “The big belly 6ixx artist need to step forward and address this yah cuz it no look good.”

In the meantime, there is another beef brewing outside of dancehall circles as Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj are going at it following the release of the Houston rapper’s new song “HISS.” The leader of the Hotties unleashed some venomous bars, taking aim at several artists, including Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Rihanna. However, so far, only Nicki has reacted directly to Megan.