Bounty Killer Shows No Mercy To Politician Jolyan Silvera Charge For Wife’s Murder

Bounty Killer revisit old feud with now disgraced politician Jolyan Silvera after being charged with wife's Melissa Silvera's murder

Bounty Killer (left), Jolyan Silvera and Melissa Silvera (right)

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer is reacting to the arrest of former People’s National Party (PNP) Parliament member Jolyan Silvera. News broke over the weekend that Silvera was arrested as the main suspect in the murder of his wife, Melissa Silvera, weeks ago.

Mrs. Silvera was first reported to have died in her sleep, but there are new unconfirmed reports that her Godfather, former Prime Minister PJ Patterson, and her family insisted that an independent autopsy be performed on her body.

The police later revealed that Silvera died from gunshot wounds. She was laid to rest last week, and her husband, who appeared at the funeral with their three sons, unabashedly shed tears. Silvera’s arrest has sent shockwaves throughout the country after the police detailed that the room in which she died appeared to have renovations. Further details about the case have not been revealed.

However, Bounty Killer seemingly responded to an old Facebook post where Silvera blasted Bounty Killer and fellow artiste Ninja Man, who appeared as guest speakers for an event hosted by then National Security Minister Robert Montague. Silvera launched a scathing attack on Bounty and Ninja Man.

“Motivational speakers for the JCF and other heads of Department for National Security yesterday morning at the conference. Now you tell me. One on a murder charge and one was charged for beating a female with a hammer,” Silvera wrote on Facebook.

Bounty showed no mercy as he reposted a screenshot of Silvera’s comment.

“Karma is my favorite b*tch she f**ks everybody watch what this little weak insecure gyal clown ya Joylan Silvera did say about me and @ninjaman_music whilst making a great effort five [years] ago a wah yu deh pon now idiot e dawg dem shall meet and greet yu bloodclaath inna di penn now pooosie,” Bounty wrote on Instagram.

His followers also chimed in to roast the disgraced politician.

“The Internet remains undefeated. @1unogeneral this from the Archives,” one person wrote. “Karma spin di block fast, bout natural cause,” another added. “Watch Karma at her finest. He who flung Stones, have the whole truck load a gravel try hide and it tumble right over on him rass!!! Ninja a guh greet him in there n leave him in there,” another added.

“Now look at YOU Silvera yuh deh pon the same charge now!” another added.