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Boosie Badazz Plans To Wed Fiancée Rajel Nelson Despite No-Contact Court Order

Boosie Badazz plans to get marry to fiancée Rajel Nelson in April despite a judge ordering a no-contact between them

Boosie Badazz, Rajel Nelson

Boosie’s fiancée, Rajel Nelson, denies that she and Boosie Badazz plan to get married to avoid her having to testify against him.

The rapper is facing gun charges in San Diego, California, and he has informed the court that he plans to marry Nelson in April of this year despite a no-contact order issued by the judge.

Courthouse News reported on Friday that the rapper appeared in court via telephone, revealing that he and Nelson had been planning their wedding. Boosie’s lawyer, Damon Alimouri, asked the judge to modify his no-contact order to allow for the wedding to occur. It’s unclear why the no-contact order with his fiancée was ordered in the first place.

According to XXL, Boosie has been on bail over the last six months but cannot communicate with his fiancée.

Boosie Rajel
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Assistant US Attorney Michael Wheat rejected the request and disclosed that the state had security concerns regarding Nelson. US District Judge Cathy Ann Bencivengo reportedly asked the prosecution for more details on why they opposed the request, which the prosecutor did not offer in open court but said he would discuss in chambers with the judge.

The judge extended the no-contact order by another 60 days following the discussion. After 60 days, the order will be lifted and a stay granted in favor of Boosie unless the prosecution can show why it should be extended further.

At this point, the rapper revealed that he and Nelson had plans to marry on April 1.

“Boosie, I suggest that you remain silent and not say anything on the record,” his attorney said.

Last year, Nelson revealed that Boosie had cheated on her because he could not be around due to the no-contact court order, which Boosie also confirmed.

Boosie and his fiancée began dating during the pandemic. Their relationship first came into focus two months ago after she executed a successful surprise for his 41st birthday.

The latest gun charge also comes after cops surveilling a music video for Crip gang members spotted Boosie with a gun tucked into his waist. After leaving the home, cops stopped Boosie’s car, where they found the gun under a car seat. The firearm found matched the one in the video, leading to criminal charges.

In the meantime, Nelson denied that she and Boosie’s wedding was to ensure she could benefit from spousal privilege and not testify against him. On Instagram, one fan wrote, “If he marry her she can’t testify against him..stop acting dizzy.”

Nelson denied the allegation. “@reg007__ i am not testifying against him what hell you talking bout this is fake news information.”

Boosie has not formally addressed the request or why the prosecutor has convinced the judge to order it.