Beenie Man’s Daughter Says Artist In PR Relationship With Camille Lee

Beenie Man is being raked over the coals by his daughter Ashley Jade Bhagchand after announcing his engagement to British businesswoman Camille Lee McIntosh.

Beenie Man popped the big question on Thursday night to Lee, and the announcement was generally met with support from the people close to him, including dancehall Queen Carlene Smith. On the other hand, fans have been trolling the artiste due to his many public relationships.

It seems that at least one of the dancehall legend’s children did not like that he was preparing to get married again for the second time. In a series of comments posted on Instagram, Ashley blasted her father and his wife-to-be.

“Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum making their PR relationship official,” she wrote adding, “How sweet,” along with the bored emoji.

Ashley Jade lives in Georgia and was first revealed to be Beenie Man’s daughter on Father’s Day 2021.

At the time, the caterer and nurse reacted to the post writing on Instagram, “My daddy rich, my mama holds me down.”

Ashley Jade has not expressed why she is upset at her father, but in separate comments, she hinted that he was not a great father.

“Period, the girls that get that get it get it!! I’m gonna say whatever I feel like saying. They don’t know this man. I’ve known him all my 28 years. Wtf,” she responded to fans who told her not to allow Beenie’s fans to bully her into silence.

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She also responded to fans calling her for styling her dad. “I’m gonna comment. It is what it is love but a leech Now we’re taking it too far,” she said.

In another post, she also argued with Beenie Man’s followers.

“This man is really something. Only his kids know the real him. Not all of us are willing to keep it 100 though. I don’t live off him, so I don’t mind,” she commented.

She also reacted to fans calling her out for disrespecting her father online.

The 28-year-old wrote, “Sweetie, he hasn’t been a father to any of his children. As a matter of fact, he’s done and said the most disgusting things. I’m gonna take whatever moment I feel like taking to state FACTS. One thing for certain, I’m the one that never needed brownie points.”

This is not the first time Beenie Man has been accused of being a ‘deadbeat’ father.

His ex-wife, D’Angel, and baby mother, Carlene Smith, called him out months ago for being absent and not seeing his children, Crystal and Marco Dean.

The artiste has never addressed the comments publicly and instead has shared photos and videos of him with his children to prove he is a good dad.