Reggae Artist Cocoa Tea Family Addresses Death Rumors, Ask For Prayers

Reggae icon Cocoa Tea has been hospitalized. His family dispels rumors he passed away

Cocoa Tea
Cocoa Tea

The family of reggae artiste Cocoa Tea says he’s currently hospitalized, and the family is asking for prayers. On Thursday evening, a rumor was shared online that the artiste, whose real name is Colvin Scott, passed away.

However, according to the Jamaica Gleaner, the family said he was still alive. “Yes, Cocoa Tea is in hospital, but he is very much alive,” Malvia Scott, his wife, quoted by the daily newspaper.

There are no further details about Cocoa Tea’s medical condition or why he was hospitalized. However, there have been speculations that he has been sick since October last year. Last week, posts were made claiming that he had died. However, his wife asked that his fans keep the artiste in their prayers but also respect the family’s privacy.

“As a family, we are asking everybody for prayers and we are also privacy at this time,” Malvia Scott said.

Cocoa Tea is currently a Florida resident and hospitalized in the Sunshine State. The reggae legend, born and raised in Rocky Point, Clarendon, is a child prodigy, having recorded and released his first song, “Searching In the Hills,” in 1974 when he was just 14 years old.

He saw success with his 1984 breakout album Rocking Dolly and the hit song “Jah Made Them That Way,” and he produced and released a slew of hit songs over his career that dominated in the 1990s.

Among his hit songs are “Rikers Island,” “Good Life,” “Young Lover,” “Barack Obama,” and many others.

The beloved artiste’s name was inspired by the love of Jamaica’s version of hot chocolate, which is referred to as cocoa tea.

Over the years, the 64-year-old artiste has made many strides to boost reggae music worldwide, including with his Jam Jam festival and later starting his own Roaring Lion label in 2000.