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The Game’s Sexual Assault Accuser Wins 2nd Lawsuit Against Rapper

The Game lost a second lawsuit against him filed by Priscilla Rainey despite his manager Wack 100 testifying in the trial

The Game, Priscilla Rainey

A woman who was awarded $7M from a sexual assault lawsuit against Los Angeles rapper The Game has won a second ruling as she tries to enforce the judgment against him.

The woman, Priscilla Rainey, sued The Game in 2016 for sexual assault after appearing on his reality show, ‘She’s Got Game’ in 2015. Rainey filed the lawsuit as the show season ended, alleging that he touched her inappropriately while on the date she thought was part of the show. He never responded to the lawsuit, and a default judgment was entered in her favor.

However, she has not been able to recover the judgment money over the years. The rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, posted that he was broke as he revealed his bank account after the judgment was awarded in favor of Rainey.

However, Rainey’s new lawsuit alleged that The Game was using shell companies to hide his money to evade paying her.

According to Radar Online, the second lawsuit, which was filed in 2021, says the shell companies were set up to “strategically” hide his earnings made mainly from music, tours, and representing companies in celebrity ambassador deals.

The woman claims that Game removed himself as manager of the company and replaced him with Wack 100, and his house was also transferred from his name to another person’s.

So far, Rainey testified that she received $500,000 from the rapper and wants to collect the remainder.

In the meantime, Wack 100 testified in the second trial, as did Rainey, who claimed that the companies are shell established to evade The Game’s legal obligations.

Wack 100 also revealed that he now owns The Game’s house, which was transferred to him as payment for personal debt owed to him as his manager.

It seems that the court did not believe Wack 100 to be a truthful witness and has reverted the property back to The Game’s name, and Rainey is now able to lodge a lien against the property to recover her funds. If the rapper cannot pay her, he’ll have to sell the property and pay her proceeds.

As for his crypto assets, she could not have the court rule on those as the support could not be located in any American jurisdiction.

The Game has not reacted to the latest lawsuit.