Popcaan Take Shots At His Opps In “Heavy” Visual

Popcaan drops new song "Heavy" with a video showcasing scenes from his African show


Popcaan dropped off his new single, and it’s packed with some “Heavy” punches for his opps.

Dancehall star Popcaan is known for hits and his recognizable flow, but he has made some alterations to his lyrical style for his latest single, “Heavy,” which was released on YouTube on Wednesday (Dec. 20). The track produced by Unruly Entertainment is a humble brag by the St. Thomas native who flaunts his fortune in the Face Xpression-directed visuals.

It’s been a while since Popcaan penned a single that deviates from his overplayed rhyme schemes and unfussy lyrics. It’s almost as if this one was directed at someone who may have inadvertently poked the bear. In the song “Heavy,” the OVO-signed dancehall star spoke candidly about being a wealthy man as he makes mention of supercars, private jets, real estate, and more.

“Dem a dunce head and dem a kunumunu / How me fi badmind, me richer than the whole a unu / Ungrateful dog nyam the dutty pudding / HAHA / bring yuh gyal and make me feel her up,” Popcaan sings of his deep pockets before contrastingly championing humility. “One bagga traitor a thief me swag / Man a come from the worst me nuh need fi brag / Humility a supm every youth fi have / Humbre a couple years now me inna me bag.”

The music video follows the usual pattern that we’ve all come to know – the mansion, the pool, the vixens, the booze, and, of course, wads of cash. While some parts of the visuals are unequivocally “out there,” to say the least, the spotlight remains on Popcaan’s accomplishments as he highlights the many accolades that set him apart from the competition.

The Unruly boss asks a series of pointed questions, prompting a repetitive response from a chorus of women. “Baby you see them with no excavator? No / Wh*re can’t make we break up? No / You see dem with no villa? No / You see dem with no killa? No / Man making milli / Ronaldo and Messi / Man never move zesty / Me nuh lef it, we never lef it / Unruly Heavy,” he sings.

Elsewhere in the track, Poppy took credit for being the last dancehall artist to do a stadium performance. A clip of the jampacked Gambian stadium from the deejay’s 2022 performance in the African country was inserted. He also took shots at an unnamed dancehall vlogger a few lines later.

“My money so nuff like me live inna one bees hive / To how me sharp me nuh need knife / Last Dancehall artist do a stadium inna real life / Unu nah make no real noise / If you say you don’t thief Poppy style then a bare lies / Vlogger boy s**k yuh mother me nuh pay guys / When you see me outside bare killy bare fry yiys / Unruly can’t capsize,” Popcaan declares on the new single.