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Drake Ignite Fans With Mystery Woman Name Flacka In Turks & Caicos

Drake shows his Flaccaaaacita in Turks & Caicos love on the Gram

Flacka Drake
Flacka, Drake

Drake has been snatched up by a new boo, and it appears that they have gone Instagram official. On Thursday, the rapper appeared happy as he cheesed in photos and even posed with her after what looked like a dinner date.

The Canadian rapper is presently in his third home – the Turks & Caicos islands, where he regularly vacations, especially during the summer and winter time as the North freezes over.

However, this time, it seems that the rapper is spending some personal time with a woman who works at the bar Noah’s Ark, where Drizzy appears to be a regular. In new posts shared on her social media, the woman, whose social media name is Flacka, posted several photos of Drake and his crew by the bar.

“The boy home,” she captioned a group photo of Drake and his crew standing in front of a sign that had his latest album ‘For All the Dogs’ scrawled on it along with the drawing by his son Adonis that served as the album’s cover.

In another photo, Drake is also seen pouring drinks for her and others, and they seem to catch up for dinner later as the rapper is seen rapping his own song that’s playing in the background.

Flacka seems caught off guard when Drake’s selfie turns to her and puts her on the camera before he bursts out laughing.

Flacka, Drake

She is seen in another post eating a slice of bread.

“Turks Terrible Twins,” she captions a blurry photo of her and Drake posted to her Instagram feed. Drizzy also shouts her out in the comments, writing, “Flaccaaaacita the one and only no duplication could never be in a new location we drink enough for two vacations tequila and salt water….COMBINATION.”

Fans also posted in the comments asking her for tips on how she snagged Drake, while others also quoted Drake’s lyrics about her in his last album, where he mentioned that neither of them is in love with the other.

“You’re fine I see why Drake raps about you,” one fan said.