Rick Ross Disagrees With Charlamagne Calling 50 Cent A ‘Diabolical Genius’

50 Cent and Rick Ross
50 Cent, Rick Ross

Rick Ross strongly disagrees with Charlamagne Tha God calling 50 Cent a “Diabolical Genius.”

Rozay and Fif are nowhere near to making peace as the former directly addressed the “G-Unit” rapper after he shaded his and Meek Mill’s recent album sales. Meek and Rick Ross have been scrambling to defend their relatively low album sales for their joint project, Too Good To Be True, which was by far their least impressive album sale, with both rappers known to pull in half a million sales or slightly less during their first couple weeks of release.

It seems that even 50 Cent has joined in trolling the two rappers as he posted a video seemingly mocking the first-week sales figure.

“When you sell 31K and 9 CDs I shouldn’t talk to you,” the rapper says before walking away, and a camera follows him.

As he walks in, a man is heard calling to him, “Crazy, big dog,” and 50 Cent responds, “They don’t know I keep asking them about these n**as they don’t know these n***gas.”

It didn’t take long for Rick Ross to reply to the Power producer and bring Breakfast Club host Charlamagne into it.

“Just got a DM that say Rozay we believe that 50 Cent just made a comment about you online. I seen it, and I said hmm y’all don’t know 50 Cent like I do, he wouldn’t do that. But one of his b*tch dream chasers, she been a dream chaser b*tch for many years, still is, that’s when she tell me I was her favorite,” he said while waving a bottle of his champagne.

He continued, “But two, N**gas we been rich, we still getting money. Them n**gas was laughing at my first week sales, they was doing a million the first week and I was doing 150-180k and they was laughing but you smell that salt water right? Don’t let them n****gas trick you.”

Charlamagne Tha God
Charlamagne Tha God

He also questioned Charlamagne’s recent comments that 50 Cent was a “diabolical genius.”

“There is something else I seen that I thought was cute. Charlamagne referred to 50 Cent as a ‘diabolical genius’, and me thinking who I thinking is Charlamagne he would know better than that. A diabolical genius doesn’t file foreclosure,” he fired at 50 Cent.

It seems that Rozay was mentioning the lawsuit his baby’s mother filed against 50 Cent in which the court awarded her a $7 million judgment. However, the rapper had to file for Chapter 11 reorganization because he claimed he didn’t have the money to satisfy the judgment.

The rapper added, “Get to the money. Getting money, that makes you diabolical Charlamagne, stop d*ck riding.”

Earlier this week, Charlamagne Tha God explains to Andrew Schulz why he thinks 50 Cent is fearless in going after Diddy constantly on social media, likening him to a “diabolical genius.”

“I’ma tell you why 50 is literally a diabolical genius,” the Breakfast Club co-host said. “[He’s] telling people who the sponsors are so if they wanna harass Cadillac and AT&T, that’ll happen […] don’t f*** with Fif.”

50 Cent made Diddy his primary target on social media over the past few weeks following Cassie’s bombshell lawsuit that the hip hop mogul quickly settled. Nevertheless, Rick Ross is also a regular target of Fifty. However, unlike Diddy, who has never publicly responded to the G-Unit chief, Ricky Rozay has never been shy about clapping back.