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Ari Lennox Confronts Fan Who Hit Her With Water Bottle On Stage

Ari Lennox paused her performance to address a concert goer who threw a water bottle at her on stage

Ari Lennox
Ari Lennox

American singer Ari Lennox lost her cool on Wednesday night after a fan threw a water bottle at her while she was performing.

The singer was the opening act for Rod Wave’s ‘Nostalgia Tour’ in California on Wednesday evening. While performing her hit single “Pressure,” Ari Lennox was interrupted by an unruly fan who aimed a water bottle at her.

The bottle did not connect with her but instead landed on the stage. However, Lennox stopped her performance and went off in an expletive-laden rant aimed at the fan. She also seemed to have identified the offender as she turned in her direction and directly addressed her.

“B**ch, I’ll f**k you up! Who the f**k did it? Who the f**k did it? I’ll f**k y’all a$$ up. ‘Cause I don’t play that, I don’t feel that bullsh*t,” she said as the music cut and her security ran to her side.

The crowd also seems to approve of Ari Lennox calling out the bottle thrower as they scream and cheer her. “I will f**k y’all sh*t all the way the f**k up! Don’t you ever disrespect a beautiful Black woman on the f**king stage like that! I’ma f**king f**k you up. That’s the f**k right. Who did it, b*tch?” she said.

Lennox did not let up as she pressed for the concert disrupters to show themselves. It’s unclear if the person identified themselves or if zealous fans pinpointed the culprit, but Ari directly addressed the person as she invited the person to a hands-on tussle.

“Right, come here, bi*ch. Come here, let’s do it. Come here b*tch, you a p*ssy. That’s right, you could never even be as good as a p*ssy. That’s right, b*tch. You’re dumb. You’re weak,” she laid into the person before the security guard stepped in and de-escalated the incident.

Ari Lennox’s mic was also cut as the incident sparked the end of her performance, to the disappointment of some fans. Lennox has not commented on the incident or her remarks.