Flippa Mafia Shares Priceless Moment With 7 Of His Children

Flippa Mafia shares priceless moment he spent with seven of his children on Thanksgiving Day

Flippa Mafia
Flippa Mafia

Dancehall artist Flippa Mafia, aka Flippa Mogella, has revealed that he spent Thanksgiving this year with seven (7) of his nine (9) children after being released from jail just about a year ago.

The artiste showed off his brood of kids who have grown up since he was first arrested and sent to jail in 2016. Mogella pleaded guilty and was sentenced for being a co-leader of a drug ring, according to an indictment laid by federal authorities. He, along with his brothers Kemar and Roger Davis and baby mother Marsha Bernard, were all convicted and sentenced to prison for more than two decades.

However, Flippa Mafia was released early from prison in 2023. Despite the misfortune of his jail sentence and losing out on time with them, the artiste appears to be making up for lost time.

In a video shared on Thanksgiving morning, the artiste posted a video of his beautiful children, who all appeared to be in their mid and late teens and young adults. He also introduced them by singing out their pet name and their favorite songs.

“That’s Ciani,” he said as he joked about his daughter’s expensive Gucci scarf that wrapped her head.

“That’s Zoe.. and the last right here but not the least we got Chardonnay,” he said as he broke out into Ding Dong’s “Holiday” and said that was her favorite song when he took her to school.

Flippa Mafia also shared that he was cooking for his kids, as he pawned the camera to show that he was frying what appeared to be bacon and sausage.

“Oh my gosh, see me a make breakfast fi mi kids them, the first time I got all of them I got all of them together,” the artiste wrote.

Flippa Moggella has nine children, but he shared that he was only able to get seven of them together for this holiday.

In September, the artist spoke about his return to music and keeping himself active as an artiste. He remains a resident of the United States.