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Diddy’s Former Bad Boy President Harve Pierre Sued For Sexual Assault

Diddy's former right hand man Harve Pierre sued by former assistant for alleged sexual abuse and negligence

Former Bad Boy label President Harve Pierre is being sued by his ex-assistant for abusing his power and raping her, a lawsuit claims.

It seems that Bad Boy Entertainment is facing a can of worms after Diddy was sued by his ex-girlfriend Casandra ‘Cassie’ Ventura less than a week ago. Despite her deciding to settle the lawsuit, it appears that her move has emboldened women to speak out.

Now, a different woman is claiming that Diddy’s Howard University colleague, Harve Pierre groomed her and raped her in a lawsuit filed on Wednesday. The unidentified woman is named in the lawsuit as Jane Doe and said Pierre preyed on her several times in New York City and across the country while she worked with him.

The lawsuit also lists several instances occurring in 2016- 2017 where she said she was sexually assaulted by Pierre, who used and abused his position as her boss.

“Pierre used his position of authority as plaintiff’s boss to groom, exploit, and sexually assault her… [he] engaged in a year-long pattern of grooming plaintiff, leading to sexual harassment of plaintiff, and sexual assault,” the lawsuit said, adding that the victim suffered physical, emotional, and psychological injury.

She is suing for unspecified damages in the lawsuit, which also names the label- Bad Boy Entertainment, Bad Boy Records, and Combs Enterprises as co-defendants and says that they were complicit in Pierre’s actions because they failed to supervise him around the plaintiff prior to him sexually assaulting her.

Last year, Diddy hinted that Bad Boy Entertainment was being run by his son Christian Combs (artist name King Combs), and he’s taken a step back from the creative and artistic direction while his son steers the label.

According to Rolling Stone, the label said it was aware of the lawsuit, but the allegations were from years prior by a former employee.

“Neither the plaintiff nor the executive are current employees of the company. We are now investigating the allegations, and our top priority is the safety and well-being of our employees,” Rolling Stone quoted the statement.

Like Cassie’s lawsuit, this latest lawsuit was filed under the Adult Survivors Act and allowed a one-year window for victims in New York to bring civil lawsuits alleging sexual abuse even if the statute of limitations had passed.

The timeframe is set to expire on November 24.