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Kanye West and Wife Bianca Censori On A Break, Her Friends Intervened

Kanye West's new marriage is reportedly on the rocks as he and his wife take some time off from each other

Rapper Kanye West and his wife Bianca Censori are said to be heading to Splitsville as she accuses him of being controlling and isolating her from friends and family.

Kanye and Bianca are said to be on a break, which started more than a month ago following her friends’ concerns for her mental health and well-being. Kanye is currently in Saudia Arabia recording music, and Bianca is home with her friends and family during the break.

The couple reportedly got married in December 2022, but many of her family were concerned, given Kanye’s previous public behavior following his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

According to Page Six, unnamed sources claimed that Censori’s family was worried about her decision to marry Kanye, who is also someone she knows and has worked closely with in the past. The publication said Kanye West was “very difficult” as a person to be around or work for, and the woman had been patient with him and completely dedicated to him. There are reports online that Kanye has imposed rules on Bianca, including that she never talks or wears what he tells her, and she is to work out and watch her diet as dictated by him.

However, her patience with him paid off, as Kanye was said to be happier and in a better mood around her.

However, it seems that the source said that Bianca Censori is drained from being Kanye West’s wife and therapist, especially as their relationship is also very public and has come under scrutiny given the rapper’s recent issues.

In the meantime, Kanye appears to be on a spiritual journey as she has shared videos of him in Saudia Arabia, where he is staying in a tent in the desert and making music.

The rapper revealed that he was making new music with American rapper Ty Dollar $ign.

Kanye West also teased that he could be releasing a new album soon, but Censori, who is currently in Australia, doesn’t plan to stay away, the publication claims, as she’ll be back to celebrate his album release.