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Amber Rose Calls Out Wack 100 Over Kanye West Hooked Up Claims

Amber Rose disputes Wack 100 claims that she hooked up with Kanye West right after his divorce from Kim Kardashian

Amber Rose and Kanye West feud
Amber Rose, Kanye West feud

Amber Rose is calling out Wack 100 after he claimed that she and Kanye West hooked up after his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Rose and Kanye dated before he got married to Kim, but the two didn’t seem to maintain any kind of relationship over the years. However, Wack 100 claimed two months ago that she had sexual relations with Kanye and even claimed that Wiz Khalifa was gay.

However, Amber denied that she slept with Kanye West in 2023.

“No truth to that at all, I have not seen Kanye in years. Wack 100 is a gossip queen. He just wants to gossip for no reason… there’s no truth to that at all, I don’t go backward at all, I’m not that girl. He just pulled that story out of his a$$,” Amber said while on Adam22’s podcast.

Amber Rose also said that the dispute between her and Wack happened because she defended a 21-year-old who threatened to “boom” his Club House room during a discussion.

The incident in question saw Wack 100 threatening Amber where he told her that he knew where she lived with her children, and he also disparaged her exes, Wiz Khalifa – claiming that the rapper was gay and also shaming her baby father AE, who is now dating legendary singer Cher.

“I’m sure Kanye probably called him ‘what the f**k’ are you doing,” Amber said, adding that she found out that Wack was hosting Club House discussions about her and making up rumors.

She also denied that Wiz who she shares son Sebastian, 10, is not gay or engage in same-sex activities.

“There is not a gay bone in that man’s body… Wiz is like the nicest, sweetest guy, literally ever, doesn’t bother anyone, not a gay bone in his body, like why are you projecting that onto him, that’s not who he is,” Rose said, adding, “F**king psycho. Stop making rumors, you’re a f**king weirdo, stay away from me. Any rumors you hear on the internet they’re coming from Wack 100, he’s a f**king psycho.”

Wack 100 has not responded to Amber Rose, and Kanye has not publicly responded.