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DJ Akademiks Says Diddy Trying To Set Him Up Like 2Pac With Saucy Santana

DJ Akademiks shares he thinks that Diddy is trying to setup him up for a confrontation with Saucy Santana and Yung Miami

DJ Akademiks Diddy
DJ Akademiks, Diddy

DJ Akademiks said he denied an invitation to party with label boss and R&B artist Diddy in London because he feared that Saucy Santana or Yung Miami might have ambushed him.

The podcaster has been beefing with Santana after he stood up for City Girls rapper Yung Miami, one of the podcaster’s constant targets for misogynistic comments and disrespect. It seems that Diddy may have tried to extend the olive branch to smooth things over, given that he’s reportedly dating Yung Miami.

However, since Santana threatened to beat up Akademiks and sexually assault him, it seems that he is taking extra precautions to ensure that he isn’t harmed or beaten up by Santana and the City Girls.

In a video shared on his Instagram, Akademiks claimed that he turned down an invitation to party with Diddy because he felt like it would either be Santana ambushing him or “some Tupac sh*t” referencing the murder of the famous artist and rumors that Diddy was involved.

“Diddy tried to lead me on some Tupac sh*t…Diddy tried to ‘Pac’ me,” AK said. “The call come in saying that Diddy sent a personal invite for Big AK to come pull up on him. I’m here like. I’ve heard of a backdoor but this sounds like a front door type of thing, this is mad direct yow.”

“I’m kinda preeing the movements and I said I know what this is… what’s really gonna happen is this -I’m gonna show up and what’s really gonna happen is all of a sudden out of the sphere that Diddy is in he gone get a flexible little [homophobic slur] like Santana jumping out and just moving wacky on me. Like yow like twerking in front of my face or some dumb sh*t like that,” he said.

He said alternatively, he and Diddy could have been popping Cirocs, and Yung Miami would pop out and “come at me.”

The podcaster said he had never been invited to come party with Diddy before, and he was also curious about what type of party he was attending as he hinted that there were rumors that the artist had a special taste for how he enjoyed himself.

“It seemed like a backdoor type thing…I ain’t going to no party, hell no I thought it was a setup,” he said.

Akademiks previously shared that Diddy had threatened him when he referred to Yung Miami as a h*e last year. However, he stopped mentioning her on his show but began disparaging her again this year after City Girls released their new album, RAW.