Aidonia Shows Off Face Tattoo Of His Late Son’s Name

Aidonia gets a tattoo of his late son's name King Khalif on his face

Aidonia Kimberly Megan
Aidonia and his wife Kimberly Megan

Aidonia immortalize his late son with his latest body art.

The dancehall artiste has added a new tattoo honoring his late son Khalif, who passed away late last year. The artiste debuted the tattoo, which features his son’s name on his forehead. It appears to be a 3D-style tattoo along with a small heart.

The tattoo over his left brown is also big enough to be spotted from afar. Khalif passed away in December 2022 after battling cancer for a few years. The child’s health seemed to have deeply affected his parents as his wife Megan gave up everything to care for their son, and Aidonia focused on work and being at home to cheer up his son and wife.

The pair are also expecting another blessing as Aidonia announced in August that his wife was expecting. In September, they revealed that they were having another baby boy. The bittersweet moment was shared on social media as the pair celebrated the blessing of another child.

Aidonia tattoo
Aidonia tattoo

It seems, though, that they continue to mourn and celebrate Khalif, who was nine years old when he passed. This week, Aidonia posted an old throwback of himself, but fans were stunned at the uncanny resemblance of father and son.

“Wow Khalif’s whole face,” one fan said. “All I see is Khalif,” another said. “And all this time I thought that Khalif look like Kim. He is your twin,” another said.

At the Lawrence’s recent baby shower, the parents seemed to want a baby boy, as Aidonia expressed that his son Kahlif always wanted a brother.

The couple were ecstatic as they found out that they were having a son back in September. However, in one clip, the artiste broke down in tears and was seen being hugged by a large group of his friends and family, who comforted him.