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50 Cent Shares When He Fell In Love With Music With Teenage Photo

50 Cent take fans down memory lane

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent is sharing with the world his mindset before he became famous and shares that his passion for music paid off for him. On Monday, the rapper shared a throwback of himself as a young adult in his cheap apartment in New York but said all he thought about was music, which was his “magic.”

“This is what it looks like when you have nothing and you fall in love with something,” the rapper captioned the photo. “Music is magic people don’t agree on anything but when the right music comes on they agree to have a good time,” the rapper added.

In the photo, 50 Cent is intently focused on a mixing board while sitting on a gaming chair. The rapper is wearing a simple white t-shirt and blue wide-legged jeans. He appears to be in a room or apartment as his clothing is hanging behind him in a modest closet.

The rapper did not say when the photo was taken, but he doesn’t appear more than 20 years old in the photo. The photo might have been taken before he got his big break in 2002 when he was 27. However, it was years before he could see success.

At 23, 50 Cent first appeared on Onyx’s 1998 single “React,” and again in 1999, he recorded “How to Rob,” featured on the In Too Deep soundtrack. The rapper later released his debut album, Power of the Dollar, but the album’s success was short-lived as his label, Columbia Records, stopped the album release and dropped him from their label after he was shot nine (9) times.

Fifty has much to reflect on and celebrate as he is now a multimillionaire and owns several businesses along with his successful rap career. Just this week, he revealed that his “Get Rich or Die Tryin” track recorded 4 billion streams on Spotify.

“See why I be saying to take your time make it a classic,” he wrote on Instagram.

In the meantime, 50 Cent fans, including fellow Queens rapper Nicki Minaj, celebrated him in the comments.

“We Prada You Fif #SouthSide,” Nicki wrote in the comments.