Dancehall Artist Dovey Magnum Tearfully Asks For Prayers

Dovey Magnum says her life has been destroyed and that she is under attack

Dovey Magnum
Dovey Magnum

Dancehall artiste Dovey Magnum says she is going through a lot and that evil forces attack her and destroyed her life.

The artiste broke down in tears as she pleaded for her fans to send her prayers on Wednesday night. On social media, many fans of the artiste shared concern for her health and well-being after a video began circulating showing her seemingly getting “deliverance” by a prophetess while on TikTok Live.

Dovey Magnum, whose real name is Simsky Hamilton, is seen on video crying and explaining that she had filled a glass of water, and when it was the top, the glass split. The prophetess is heard urging her to drink another tall glass of water and asking her fans to also pray at the same time- “Drink the water; you will feel different… when you start drinking that water you will come back here tomorrow and you will say that you feel totally different. Drink the water and see how your energy starts to change.”

Within seconds of drinking the water, Dovey begins to vomit. “Exact, let it come out let it come out…that’s what you’re supposed to do,” the prophetess is heard urging.

In another video on TikTok, Dovey explains that she was not sure of what was happening to her. “I know everybody have their own feeling about certain stuff but can’t really say everything that was going on in the comment but to God be the glory. I pray that not just me got deliverance or whatever it is that’s in my life that needs prayer or need the chain to be removed, I pray that somebody else got glorification and blessings from us being all here,” she said.

Dovey Magnum also explained that something was not right as she was instructed.

“It’s real bro. I don’t know what happened a while ago. and it makes me cry because me literally put the cup on the counter, it was nowhere near the edge. Nothing nuh do the cup and anuh cold water or hot water but when me throw the water the cup just blast, left the bottom part on the counter,” she said.

“Now whatever was that… mi a give him [God] the glory…mi a drink the water and is like sinting’ start move up outta mi belly and me start vomit,” she said.

Dovey also said since she was a child, she was always running since she was a child and never felt that anything was “real”.

Other videos also showed the prophetess praying for Dovey and calling for evil spirits to leave Dovey Magnum. She also shared new updates on Thursday that she felt “refreshed” and felt so good after waking up. The artist has been keeping a low profile since her return to Jamaica in late 2022, reportedly following her detention by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) back in 2021.

The artiste has been very open as she continues to pursue music while also seemingly operating her own local shop.