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Chrisean Rock Urged To Get Financial Advice After Her Home Relisted

Chrisean Rock's home she recently revealed she purchase gets relisted for sale

Chrisean Rock
Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock is getting blasted by her fans after they found out that the home she claimed to have bought last month has been listed by its real owners, and she was nothing more than a high-paying tenant.

Shortly after the birth of her son late last month, Rock revealed that she had found her forever home, somewhere no one can put her out of. However, it turns out that the lavish mansion is now up for sale and is being removed from the market as a rental.

Fans somehow realized that the closet that Chrisean Rock was posting, as well as the basketball court she enjoys, is similar to the Los Angeles rental. A realtor revealed that the home was being sold for $2,690,000.

The home includes three bedrooms, a fully furnished home including a pool in the backyard, and a basketball court. Telling fans about the house after she moved in, Rock said she loved the home. “I’ve been coming to my backyard and it’s been therapy for me. I be chilling in my backyard,” she told fans.

The listing on the property shows that it was put up for sale on June 28 at an asking price of $2,750,000. The property was later rented for $13,000 and it was relisted again in August for $2,690,000. It was later removed and relisted as a rental on September 19 for $12,000. Coincidentally, Rock revealed on September 20 that she had her first keys to the property, and she was excited.

Many fans online called out Rock for lying about owning the home but moreso her renting such an expensive property that might affect her financially.

“Renting a house for 19k a month…. Stunting for people on the internet and revenge will leave you dead broke,” one fan commented.

“There was NOT A REASON to rent a 20k a month home. Literally could’ve had a fly ass condo or mini mansion or something. Stop doing shit for the internet,” one person while another added, “If this was a nigga doing this y’all would be calling him all type of cap but since it’s rock y’all feel bad?”

Another defended her, writing, “She already said she paid the rent up for 12 months and trying 2 do a rent 2 own but she doesn’t kno if she wanna stay in LA !!!!This blog page really dont like her.”

Chrisean Rock has not commented on whether she is renting or owns the home and if she is still at the property.