Romeich Major Addresses Criticism For $1,000 Entry Fee For Job Fair

Romeich claps back against haters of his job fair

Romeich Major
Romeich Major

Romeich Major, the driving force behind Romeich Entertainment, says he could care less about criticism of his JM$1,000 entry fee for his job fair.

Most of us in dancehall know Romeich for his clothing brand and his management of Shenseea, Ding Dong, and formerly Teejay, but there is much more to his entertainment company, which includes marketing, party promotion, and management of dancers and disc jockeys careers.

As he expands his brand, Romeich naturally is hiring a lot of new workers, resulting in hundreds of job seekers flocking to his company headquarters in Kingston. As a result, Major announced a job fair set for Friday, October 20, with an entry fee of JM$1,000, which didn’t set well with some Jamaicans who criticized the move.

Among the positions Romeich Entertainment is looking to fill includes dancers, makeup artists, hairdressers, graphic artists, choreographers, marketing executives, sound engineer, bottle service girls, musicians, music producers, and truck drivers. Aspiring job applicants should come prepared to show their skills and to be interviewed by Romeich and his team.

In responding to the criticisms, Romeich says he is simply being innovative and expects some folks not to be okay with his methods.

“I am doing something that has never been done in Jamaica, sorting jobs for peeps and you all talking sh*t because there is an entry fee of 1K to get interview for a job that will pay you thousands of dollars,” he wrote. “This is why our culture don’t get better. You all find it hard to invest and make yourself better smh!! Jamaica people wake up. Also if you don’t agree with how I do my thing, don’t join my team. Simple as that.”

In a further statement on his Instagram, Romeich stated that he is not “begging” anyone to be on his team and doesn’t want anyone to come around him with any negative attitude.

Romeich has proven himself to be a force in the Jamaican entertainment industry, with some of the most sought-after artists, dancers, disc jockeys, and promotional girls working under his brand.