Valiant aka Fada Dipo Drops “Spaceship” Video With Shenseea & Romeich

Valiant showcases his rockstar lifestyle in "Spaceship" video

Shenseea Valiant
Shenseea and Valiant

Valiant, aka Fada Dipo, debuts the “Spaceship” visuals shot by Khingcam.

The dancehall star is one of the hardest working artists in the game currently, with dozens of new songs and music videos released so far this year. The two-and-a-half-minute cut showcases his rockstar life behind the scenes when Valiant is on tour with his entourage and manager. DJ Mac, Shenseea, and his manager, Romeich Major, make a cameo in the video.

“Mi waah richer than Jeff Bezos, You affi seh it and believe, Mi waah richer than Mansa Musa, Believe man believe,” Valiant sings in the chorus. “Yuh eva chat to a skull ina a Spaceship, And mi guard and yuh cyah come near me.”

The clip also shows footage of Valiant pulling up to his show in an AMG Mercedes-Benz. The scene then cuts to Romeich greeting him as he exits a black Cadillac Escalade SUV after pulling up to another event. There is also a scene where he took the stage as the crowd went wild.

Fada Dipo is an alter ego that Valiant started incorporating more in his music in recent months. Fans have given the song positive reviews since its release a few weeks back, and now they have a visual that showcases the deejay’s rockstar lifestyle.

“This song I gotta say is one one of my favorite songs from Valiant I always have this song on repeat on Audiomack. I don’t why but especially the start of the song where it sounds like he’s singing through a phone or walkie-talkie that effect fit so well Fada dipo I love you big bro,” one fan wrote.

Another fan added, “first time hearing this song now OMG can we appreciate how its so hard and is not overproduced?? perfectly simple. Valiant carrying new generation dancehall on his back.”