Skeng and Valiant Wants A “Loyal Gyal”

Skeng and Valiant team up with producer JiggyD for a new collab

Skeng Valiant
Skeng, Valiant

Skeng and Valiant have finally joined forces for a highly anticipated collaboration and a new dancehall banger.

This twerk-able track is a new-age dancehall lover’s rock with a number of interesting hooks and timely flows. The single titled “Loyalty Gyal” stars dancehall sensations Skeng, Valiant, and Jiggy D. Also produced by JiggyD Entertainment, the song was mixed by the one and only Anju Blaxx. The passionate instrumental fits in perfectly with the modern style of novel dancehall beats. In the visuals, the two young dancehall stars are surrounded by vibrant vixens at a mansion in the hills.

“And mek mi tell yuh bout my type a gal / Di gun kotch up pon di right side a har / She s**k the c**y with a right type a vibe / Yuh p***y mi would ah live inna yuh house fi di whole week / Shake it up, shake it up, shake it up, shake it up / Mi nah watch yuh cah mi will mad yuh,” Valiant sings.

Dancehall fans are firing up their lighters in celebration of the immense talent that has graced the community in recent years, culminating in a joint track from Skeng Don and Fada Dipo. This collaboration brings two massive fan bases together even while they intersect. Each artist has worked assiduously towards building their musical discography over the early years of their career and has been incredibly successful, demonstrating a proven track record for producing hits and maintaining favor in the eyes of dancehall fans.

“This [is] an automatic hit,” one fan commented on YouTube. “The collaboration dancehall needed….leaders of the new skool,” another chimed. The Shane Creative-directed music video is already among the top 10 trending in Jamaica and has already amassed hundreds of thousands of views since its arrival on New Music Friday (Sep 29).

Valiant leads the track with catchy melodies that swing harmoniously with the beat, coupled with cheeky lyrics and flows that leave a lasting impression. His vocals were tuned to perfection for sonically pleasing and on-point runs. Skeng brings his usual gangster prowess, and signature flows to the collaboration, opening with an infectious 8-bar verse and spinning the block with an unorthodox 6-bar freestyle that would become the last highlight of the 3-minute and 14-second song.

“Shake it up, shake it up, shake it up, shake it up.”

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