Valiant Excited About His First United States Performance

"My first time performing live in U.S crazy vibes diplomats them outside"


Dancehall artiste Valiant is embracing a milestone in his career as he is set to perform for the first time in the United States this October. The artiste has already arrived in the United States as he shared several inspirational updates with fans and fellow entertainers.

The artiste is set to perform on October 6 at Tipsy Miami as part of Socavivor’s Carnival line of events.

Speaking to Urban Islandz, festival organizers for Tipsy Music Festival noted that while the Carnival events are geared at attracting soca lovers within the Caribbean community, dancehall music is still a vibrant part of the region and the party experience.

“Our goal has always been to create a vibrant and inclusive musical experience that celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of the Caribbean and the Diaspora. We believe that celebrating artists from various genres and regions is not just important, but essential to the spirit of our festival,” the promoter said.

Valiant will be the only dancehall artiste at the event, alongside several soca entertainers, including Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin, Skinny Fabulous, Nailah Blackman Kai, and others.

“[Music] diversity not only adds excitement and variety to our festival but also reflects the unity and cultural exchange that is at the heart of Miami Carnival celebrations. We believe that music has the power to bring people together, transcending boundaries and connecting us all through the universal language of rhythm and melody,” the promoter added.

In the meantime, Valiant has announced that he is currently in the United States, and he’s ready for bookings.

“My first time performing live in U.S ?? crazy vibes diplomats them outside,” he wrote on Twitter.

“50 states… Happy birthday to me,” the artiste wrote on September 19th as he posed in front of a white Rolls Royce.

Valiant has been making big moves since his big break late last year. The artiste’s latest song, “Mad Out,” has been playing non-stop in Jamaica, and it appears that the track was recently licensed by Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited for distribution in the United Kingdom.

Valiant is also set to release his latest collaboration, “Loyal Gyal,” with Skeng this Friday (September 28).