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Tasha K Wants Cardi B To Sign Off On TV Show To Raise $4 Million Debt

Cardi B

Cardi B
Cardi B

Tasha K is begging Cardi B to go easy on her as she reveals that Cardi’s efforts to retrieve the $4 million judgment are going to make her homeless and deprive her children of a college education.

Tasha K has a way of talking big on social media, and even after losing the defamation case by Cardi and failing on appeal, she continues to antagonize Cardi. The Bronx rapper, however, is hitting her where it hurts as she refuses to agree to a settlement plan offered by Tasha K, who is currently applying for bankruptcy proceedings.

Cardi B has hit back at the talk show host, who she accused of trying to use bankruptcy to evade the judgment debt. Tasha K previously offered to pay Cardi $222,000.00 in 20 quarterly payments, but Cardi and her lawyers have refused it.

She has also come up with a creative solution where she suggested that Cardi B do a reality TV show about the defamation case so she can use the earnings made as the judgment debt.

“I also told the court yesterday that you or your lawyers have never attempted to reach out to settle. You want me out my home, broke, & my kids to not attend college!” Tasha K wrote in a statement posted to her Instagram account.

“Me & the courts are attempting to work out a payment plan, but if you want the FULL amount paid in cash. Call a production company to film all of this and you take the money made from it and put this behind us!” Tasha K said.

Cardi B’s lawyers have been pressing Tasha K, and it’s clear that the rapper wants to ensure she gets every dime from Tasha K, who previously taunted her that she would file for bankruptcy and Cardi won’t get a dime from her. Unfortunately, that’s not how bankruptcy works, especially if your intention is to evade justice.

In the meantime, Cardi means business as she ups the ante on Tasha K’s husband, Cheickna Kebe.

The rapper filed additional motions where she not only challenged the court on discharging the judgment debt but also asked that her husband provide a list of all assets he owns.

Cardi recently requested the same from Tasha K: a list of her assets as well as information on all her bank, retirement, and other accounts, her credit card statements, and transaction history for all money transfer platforms, including Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, and Paypal.