Denyque Talks New EP “R.E.A.D.Y” and Popcaan T-Shirt

"For the first time in my career I am at my most confident and I'm learning so much & loving this chapter"

Denyque / PR

Denyque is set to release a new EP by the name of R.E.A.D.Y (Release Everything And Do You) and an upcoming tour in 2024 and is being a good sport despite the recent verbal attack by dancehall artiste Popcaan after she wore a t-shirt with his image eating watermelon leading to him unleashing his wrath.

The artiste drew the ire of Popcaan, who unleashed sudden rage on her after she posted a video dancing in a t-shirt where the artiste is eating watermelon. The shirt had graphics that read, ‘somebody son’ next to Popcaan while the word “me” was next to the juicy watermelon slice.

Popcaan reacted to her in the comments telling the singer to “Go s**k yuh mada”. The spat between them drew the attention of fans on social media as many took sides with Popcaan while others defended Denyque. However, the artiste speaking with Urban Islandz says that the incident does not bother her and it was not a deliberate move to disrespect the artiste.

“No tiff on my part,” she said when asked whether she and Popcaan had a tiff going on and where she found the shirt. “Everybody knows I’m a t-shirt girl, always wearing t-shirts. I LOVE a good tee and I think I own way too many if you ask me. Lol. I found it on an online store called GrowHomePlease,” she said.


The singer says she’s currently focusing on her career, and fans can continue to see her in her element on social media, including her new song, “BMAY” (Between Me And You).

“My fans/family can expect great music – as usual – great visuals, couple joke now and then & pure vibes,” Denyque said, adding that the song is streaming on all platforms as she makes a big comeback to music after focusing on her children.

“It’s so nostalgic. So, I’m an R&B baby and I LOVE the 2000s era of r&b/hiphop, and this track is reminiscent of that and it’s very feel-good and relatable,” she said of the track.

In the meantime, Denyque also spoke to us about being an independent artiste but open to other options.

“Not attached to a label [but] definitely something I would consider. I’m enjoying being independent though, for the first time in my career I am at my most confident and I’m learning so much & loving this chapter,” she said.

She continued that this chapter also sees her delving into different kinds of music as she explores music from different genres while working on her craft and preparing for an upcoming tour and a brand new E.P.

Denyque / PR

“[I’m] always working. I just finished up the last track for my EP (R.E.A.D.Y) which is co-produced by Levels to Life Productions & Emudio Records. It drops early 2024 and it’s gonna be one for the books. I’m doing what I love and pouring into it in such a genuine way. Y’all bout to feeeeel me!” she excitedly revealed.

About the tour, she added, “My team and I are putting together my first tour now scheduled for Spring 2024 & I am really excited about the journey, dropping more great music and expanding brand Denyque.”

The mother of two gave a rare view into her personal life last year as she revealed the trauma she underwent to give birth to her daughter, which nearly cost her life. However, she’s focused on being the best mom while balancing her career, which started as a teenager.

“It’s hard, but I am fueled by faith & I have a village that I am so grateful for. My biggest lesson over the last two years was recognizing that it’s okay to need help & to ask for it & to allow it. So I’m in my allowing season. I love my kids so much & helping them grow and evolve and become the best versions of themselves is the best job God could’ve ever given me. I pray he continues to equip me with the will and the way.

In the meantime, the official music video for “BMAY” is now out, and fans can look out for R.E.A.D.Y (Release Everything And Do You). Denyque, however, did not share more on the details for the album release, but with the year coming to an end, that might be closer than expected.