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Mexican Rapper Lefty SM Shot and Killed In Hometown At Age 31

Spanish rapper Lefty Sm shot and killed

Lefty SM
Lefty SM

Lefty SM, one of the most popular rappers in the Latino Hip-Hop scene, was shot and killed this past weekend.

The Mexican native’s record label first confirmed his death on Sunday, September 3, 2023, in a statement released on Instagram in Spanish. Billboard also confirmed the reports of his untimely death, stating that Lefty SM, whose real name is Juan Carlos Sauceda, passed away at the age of 31.

“Dear Alzada friends and family, with profound sadness we’re informing you about the death of our brother, Lefty SM, Juan Carlos Sauceda,” the rapper’s record label Alzada wrote in a statement. “Our love and prayers are with his wife María Isabel and their two daughters.”

Details surrounding his death remain sketchy, Lefty SM was reportedly attacked by armed men near his home in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Mexican government is reportedly planning to make an official statement on his death sometime on Monday, September 4th.

In the meantime, there is currently an outpouring of tributes from prominent members and fans in the Latino Hip-Hop community for Lefty SM and his family. Fans have been expressing their disbelief since yesterday as he was not known to be involved in any wrongdoing or have any major beef with anyone.

“It’s always the good guys getting killed man this world is so unfair why y’all had to kill SM man never trouble nobody for real man,” one person wrote on X, formerly Twitter. The Santa Fe Klan also shared a statement on IG, writing, “This isn’t possible, brother. Tell me it’s a lie.”

Lefty SM’s last performance was on Friday, September 1, with another Mexican rapper, MC Davo, who also shared a statement in a now-deleted post on Instagram. “How is this possible? I can’t believe it, really, I can’t believe it man,” Davo wrote.

Left SM first gained notoriety in the Mexican hip-hop scene in the early 2000s before seeing massive success after a few of his songs blew up on YouTube in 2017. Despite his success in the Spanish music scene, he never scored a hit in the English language market.