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Chrisean Rock Speak On Blueface Absence During Birth Of Son: ‘I Don’t Need Child Support’

Chrisean Rock shares her baby's name and explains why Blueface was not present while she was giving birth

Blueface Chrisean
Blueface and Chrisean Rock / Zeus Network

Crazy in Love protagonist Chrisean Rock doesn’t seem to care that Blueface was not at the delivery for her son as she reveals that she did not invite him or give him details about her delivery plans.

Chrisean Rock gave birth while streaming it live on Instagram Live with 300K people watching her labor almost eight hours after she began to experience labor pains. Rock was surrounded by her loved ones, who could be heard praying and singing hymns as they waited patiently for her to fully dilate and give birth.

The first-time mama gave birth without incident, but the entire event was emotional for many of her fans as she cried while pushing the baby out. Rock later revealed that she had named her son after herself, Chrisean Malone Jr.

Blueface was nowhere to be seen in or around the delivery room despite being seen with Chrisean Rock more than a week ago at a Jason Lee event, where he kissed her belly and rubbed it. It didn’t take long for fans to find Blueface on social media- he’d been partying it up with his first baby mama, whom he is back with following his break up with Rock.

Fans dragged Blueface for not being present to see the birth of his child. However, Rock said she did not want Blueface at the delivery.

“I simply ain’t invite him I went to my city to have my child. None of you weird a$$ ppl ain’t finna be around my son. I’m all he got I’m a do everything I can to protect him from hate and jealousy or anything. His name is Chrisean and he will be loved n respected,” she said on Twitter.

On Monday, Rock went live as she revealed the reasons behind her banning Blueface from her delivery room.

“You cannot be there while I’m pushing the baby out, I’m sorry. That sh*t is intentional, that sh*t is intense. I need love, real love. I don’t need a n****ga ready to pull a camera out because his career is dying,” she began.

“I need real love, I’m setting boundaries. Of course, you can see your kid, of course, whatever, I don’t need no child support, I don’t need no support from you, I don’t. I don’t want nobody,” she said on Instagram Live.

Blueface has not responded to Rock’s latest ramblings. His recent posts on Twitter are about him defending his first baby’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis, whom fans of Rock have been clowning on social media.