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Chris Brown Backflips In The River, Hit The Club With Dozens Of Women In Jamaica

Chris Brown is living his best life in Jamaica

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

American R&B artist Chris Brown is enjoying the warmth and hospitality extended by Jamaicans ahead of his Under The Influence tour performance on Sunday.

The artist touched down on the island on Tuesday and has been out and about with his entourage of dancers as they explore some of Jamaica’s hospitality and entertainment offerings. On Thursday, the artist was seen enjoying YS Falls in St. Elizabeth with his friends and entourage. The Grammy-winning artist was seen plunging off the falls several times and swinging from a rope before dropping into the water.

The artist was seen early running off of a bridge before doing a backflip into the pristine waters of the iconic attraction. He was also seen in a video dancing and vibing with fans at a restaurant in Ocho Rios. Videos showed him surrounded by a throng of women said to be his dancers as they danced to Davido’s “Unavailable.”

The artist also hit up Kingston’s nightlife scene on Thursday night, where he was seen dancing to Ding Dong’s “Bounce.” While he is an avid dancer, he did not join Ding Dong’s team, including dancer Gabbidon, who called him out on stage, but he was seen bopping and enjoying the event.

In the meantime, fans seemed to enjoy seeing the artist happy in Jamaica.

“I haven’t seen Chris Brown this happy since he toured Europe. Jamaica doing good things,” one fan commented on Twitter. “As a Jamaican, I’m so happy Chris Brown enjoying himself in Jamaica,” another said. Another fan said, “I’m not ok right now, cause deep down I wanna be in Jamaica seeing.”

The artist is set to perform on Sunday at the National Stadium alongside Ding Dong, Teejay, Sean Kingston, and many others.