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Polo G Arrested In Police Raid On His Home, His Attorney Says Rapper Innocent

Rapper Polo G home raided by police leading to four arrests

Polo G
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American rapper Polo G and several of his friends were arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday morning as police officers swarmed his Los Angeles mansion.

Videos surfaced online on Wednesday showing the rapper and others in handcuffs outside of his house after police raided his home, reportedly in connection to a robbery.

According to the site, the Los Angeles Police Department turned out with a battery of officers and police cars as they executed a police warrant. It’s unclear the details of the warrant the LAPD, as quoted by TMZ, said that it was in connection with a robbery.

Four suspects, including Polo G, have been arrested and are currently being held in custody but have not been formally charged with any offence. However, it also reported that Polo G is not the target of the police investigation.

A rep for Polo G said, “We are hopeful the LAPD will handle this matter with tact and transparency.”

Bradford Cohen, the attorney representing Polo G, says that the rapper is being illegally detained. “Polo is being held under the guise that the police department needs to double check that he is not a convicted felon as there was a purported firearm found in the home,” Cohen said in a statement to TMZ. “He is not and never was a convicted felon. Any previous charges he had I got dismissed and it’s all public record. They are also denying myself and my California law partner Zoe Aron access to him while he is being illegally detained.”

In the meantime, a video has surfaced online with Polo G’s younger brother’s videos of police officers from inside the $5 million mansion.

“Bro, the f**king U.S Marshalls got my house surrounded. They got my f**ing house surrounded, what the f**k,” his brother said in a video showing cops armed and waiting outside of the home while a loudspeaker blares with instructions from the cops.

Polo G, whose real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett, has not officially commented on the incident. The Chicago-born rapper recently moved to L.A. after purchasing the lavish mansion in 2021.

He’s best known for his songs “Pop Out” and “Rapstar.

In the meantime, fans reacted to his arrest with some giving advice to his brother @imtrenchbaby to stop posting switches, guns, and other items that the police might want to question.