Valiant, Kraff Fires Back At Tony Matterhorn Blasting Young Dancehall Artists

Tony Matterhorn ignites beef with new generation dancehall artists

Tony Matterhorn Valiant Kraff
Tony Matterhorn, Valiant, Kraff

Valiant and Kraff responds to Tony Matterhorn statement about young artists not showing enough respect for disc jockeys.

Dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn has dug up an ants nest after chiding several young artists in the space for reportedly not being respectful to the elders in dancehall, and he’s being swarmed as they respond in kind.

While on Instagram Live, Tony Matterhorn chastised the artists for not acknowledging him and other selectors in their rising success. Going off into an expletive-laden rant, Matterhorn said he noticed that the artistes only ‘big up’ their producers and their promoter friends after succeeding but forgetting the days when they needed plays to push their songs.

“You have to go to a selector to pay the f**king son and is the selector who plays the song and keep playing it till the song like it and the song buss. So if ya go big up only the producer and you artiste friend weh call you up, then you are the biggest pu**yhole, you have to big up the selector,” Matterhorn said.

Matterhorn said he has heard that many artists like Bounty Killer get credit for bussing other artists, but that is untrue as the selectors are the ones who push the song.

“Mi hear unu a talk bout, ‘Killa buss the most artiste.’ Killa buss the most artiste? Killa call up the most artiste. Mattorhorn, Trooper, Stonelove, the Renaissance, [ … ] a we buss unu,” Mattorhorn said.

Matterhorn went on to bash young artists Kraff, Bayka, Pablo YG, and Malie Donn, whom he referred to as “likkle pickney,” who didn’t “understand” themselves. He warned that there are many talents who are risking fading out without support from selectors.

“You know what was the problem with the little ones? Dem don’t respect the selectors, and you lot don’t respect the selectors either suh unu ago ded fi hungry soon, quick and fast,” he said as he mentioned Brysco and Daddy1 as forgotten artistes after having trending songs.

“Without the selectors, you gonna die out,” he added as he later shared that Vybz Kartel charged him $1,000/ $2,000 for dubs while others like Mavado did the same. Other artists also charge a reasonable amount, such as Capleton, while others, like Busy Signal, don’t charge.

Kraff, however, responded to Tony Matterhorn, where he seemingly claimed that younger artists were being exploited by producers who were charging up to $100,000 for them to voice on riddims while they suffered disrespect from both producers and artistes.

“When mi did a grow mi corn, weh you did deh when me a grow mi corn until it bloom? Go s**k unnu mada brawling inna real life,” Kraff said in a live video.

“When the young artiste dem a rise, unnu nuh see it when them reach from way down a one place. unnu nuh, see when dem a all go studio and some big artiste deh deh and them all reach before the big artiste and dem affi wait before the big artiste dem voice…unnu nuh see the pain the young artiste affi go through before them can see something…you know how much artiste them take fi eediat?” Kraff said.

The artiste also said that the creative effort put in is not simply that is just made up but hard work and planning in writing and creating good lyrics.

Meanwhile, Valiant also shared support for Kraff and other young artists who were criticized. Matterhorn did not diss Valiant, but he did mention that Valiant was “mad out,” as he referred to him and Jahshii establishing themselves.

However, Valiant made it clear whose side he was on.

“Big up everybody weh support new new new generation. We a do it and the whole we a touch the play, and do it we a do it…well stay focused, unnu just stay focused and don’t watch the noise, who a make noise hungry yuh zimmi… no crumbs no deh yah so pon Diplomats, nuh crumbs no deh pan the new generation, move! lift up,” Valiant said.