Spice Emotional Family Moment As She Broke News Of More Surgeries To Her Kids and Mother On Love & Hip Hop

"They may have to open me back up and do multiple surgeries but I didn’t want to tell you guys because I didn’t want you guys to get worried about it"


Spice has been having a hard time dealing with the medical diagnosis that she has another hernia, one which is bigger than the last one that nearly caused her to die.

The singer broke the news to her two children, Nicholas and Nicholatoy, on the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop, and the news caused her son to break down in tears after learning his mother may need to have another life-saving surgery. On the show, Spice is seen talking to her mother and her two children at a restaurant. The singer tries to break the news softly as she begins to explain her medical condition.

“I know you guys wanted to stay longer but you have to go back because of school,” Spice said, as she revealed that her children had to move to Jamaica while she recovered from a near-death experience earlier in the year.

“So I really wanted to talk to you guys abut something I haven’t been open about. They may have to open me back up and do multiple surgeries but I didn’t want to tell you guys because I didn’t want you guys to get worried about it,” Spice continued.

Her mother takes the news much better as she replies, “God will carry you through.” Her oldest child, Nicholas, breaks down as Spice rushes to comfort him. “So you have to go through that again,” he asks with tears in his eyes.

Spice is seen in another clip where she says that her son was deeply affected by the recent health scare because he had seen the reports and news article online, which said that his mother was in a coma and dead in the Dominican Republic.

A person claiming to be Spice’s publicist had denied the reports that she suffered complications in the DR. However, after her recovery, Spice revealed that she had a heart attack and died and had to be medically resuscitated.

In another clip, Spice tells the children that she has two hernias, and this time she will not keep secrets from the children. Her daughter Nicholatoy also hugs her mother as tears stream down her face.

During the last episode, Spice revealed that doctors want to open her chest to treat a hernia that is much larger than the one she initially went to treat in the Dominican Republic. The artist broke down as she questioned why she had to go through that situation, especially after the long road to recovery she experienced.

Spice, who recently celebrated her birthday with her son and daughter, shared a post thanking God for allowing her to spend another birthday with them.

“I prayed to God in private to not take me away from my kids so I want to thank him publicly for allowing me to spend another birthday with my babies @ai.nicho claim he’s too old to be kissing me but Toy does it all day Don’t ask me how he managed to order me a blue cake and Toy make me a teddy bear with her heart beat all I can say is God I’m forever Grateful THANK YOU JESUS MY KING, Touring the World with my babies,” she wrote.