Mad Cobra Breaks Silence On Drug Arrest: “You see friend? Careful of People”

"But you see friend? Careful of people. Trust no one"

Mad Cobra
Mad Cobra

Veteran dancehall artist Mad Cobra has broken his silence as he addresses his recent arrest while advising fans not to trust friends.

The artiste, whose real name is Ewart Everton Brown, was arrested by Florence County, South Carolina Sherriffs on July 25 and is currently on a $125,000 bond for possession of a weapon during a violent crime and trafficking of cocaine of 400g or more.

Details of his arrest revealed that he was stopped for speeding on I-95, and police told him that they had reasonable suspicion to search his car. A search was conducted where the gun, two kilos of cocaine, as well as stacks of a small amount of cash were found. It seems that the artiste is hinting that he might have been set up by a friend.

“People this waah mi a say to unnu is not a song, it’s something that have to do with my life and my previous run-in with law enforcement. Hear me ah say, mi know say nuff a unnu deh pan the internet and unnu see me mug shot,” the artiste began.

He continued, “But you see friend? Careful of people. Trust no one. I can’t get too deep in the conversation, you know how it go, but I can only say to everybody inside yah so, don’t trust no one.”

The artiste added that he has seen the true colors of his friends since his recent misfortune.

“You see this? Personal… this goes for everyone whether black or white, careful ah who you trust. Hear me? Very careful… mi can tell you this, when problem come you nah go see no friend. You see even people you have as you friend will no longer be your friend,” he said, adding that he called his friends for help, but they never answered the phone.

The artiste said before the incident, he was followed by 10-40 friends in an entourage everywhere he went, but when things got “dark,” no one was around, and he recalled wise advice he received from his late father.