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Lil Durk Calls Out Merch Thieves, Concert Ended After Active Shooter Hoax

Lil Durk concert in Chicago was derailed on Saturday night after false reports of an active shooter

Lil Durk
Lil Durk

Rapper Lil Durk’s Chicago show on Saturday night prematurely ended as rumors spread that there was an active shooting at the event.

Videos shared online showed fans scattering as they ran for cover as rumors rapidly spread that shots had been fired. The rapper is currently on his “Sorry For The Drought Tour,” which saw a massive turn of fans to see him and other guest artists perform.

Lil Durk had a mostly incident-free show, but as he was nearing the end of the performance, which took place at the United Center when fans began screaming and running out of the venue. According to TMZ, a battery of police officers responded and was ready to take down the active shooter.

However, the Chicago Police Department says the report was false, TMZ reported.

Additionally, the drama saw opportunistic fans also stealing merchandise that was on sale after the person managing the booth ran to safety. A video shared by fans showed people jumping over the counter, grabbing clothing, and even throwing it to give to others.

It’s unclear how much merchandise was stolen and how much money the merch was valued.

Lil Durk also addressed fans who took the merchandise. “Don’t believe the hype we bigger [than] big, thank you Chicago,” the rapper wrote on his Instagram story. “Til next time and who all stole the merchandise tag me so I can repost y’all crazy ass,” he added.

Lil Durk IG statement
via Lil Durk Instagram

As for whether anyone was injured or hurt, there have been no confirmations as yet. Online, many false reports were made on blogs claiming that rocket launchers were fired and cars were shot up, leaving gunshot marks.

The police have not addressed these reports.

In the meantime, Lil Durk recently shared that he wants to hold a massive prayer for Chicago with the Muslim community to help put an end to violence in the city.

“I want to hold the biggest prayer in Chicago for the Muslims that bring everybody together soon,” the Chicago rapper wrote. “Pride to the side, then after [getting problems] off they chest, help the petty beef go away. Private location.”