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Tory Lanez Told Fans Disregard Reports He Is Struggling In Jail

Tory lanez new attorney on his condition in jail, "His eyes were black. He was totally despondent"

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is struggling to cope with conditions in jail, an attorney claims as she shares that the rapper is not doing well being secluded in jail due to his celebrity status, and he has black eyes due to stress from the entire ordeal.

Tory Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, removed attorney Matthew Barhoma as counsel and applied for Ronda Dixon to be entered on the record. However, the court ruled that another lawyer, Ed Welbourn, be entered as an attorney on record, reporter Meghann Cuniff has reported.

According to the journalist who spoke with Dixon in an exclusive interview, Tory is not dealing well with being in prison and has even expressed hope that he can be put in the general population so he can meet and socialize with others.

It’s unclear why the judge did not allow Dixon to represent Tory Lanez, but she claims that Lanez is being taken advantage of by Tory and that the lawyers made Tory sign Power of Attorneys to conduct the rapper’s business.

“They’re acting on his behalf,” she said. “They’re not really asking him what he wants.”

Dixon also revealed that she has been in touch with the rapper, and she is concerned about his well-being and feels he deserves to get bail while he awaits sentencing.

“The unconstitutional nature of his confinement provides ample justification [for bail]. Peterson’s conviction is not punishable by death. Because he will apply for probation, file an appeal, and pursue additional post-conviction remedies, this court should admit him bail within the court’s discretion.”

She added that the artist’s demeanor was concerning when she last saw him in jail.

“His eyes were black. He was totally despondent. He told me he wanted to go to state prison. I said, ‘You want to go to state prison? Why?’ He said, ‘At least I’ll be able to go out in the yard and talk to people,’” Dixon said.

She added that Lanez has also been confined by the Sheriff’s office “in the same manner as those convicted of serial rape charges and murder,” which she said was cruel and unusual punishment.

Dixon also revealed that she is planning to file for a new trial on grounds of racism because Tory Lanez’s artistic expressions were used as evidence.

Tory is awaiting sentencing on August 7th.

The rapper failed once to have the court approve a motion for a new trial where his lawyers Jose Baez and Matthew Barhoma claimed that he had received ineffective counsel from his trial lawyer George Mgdesyan and also that the judge allowed evidence that was more prejudicial than probative into the trial.

Tory Lanez dispels report about his condition in jail

Lanez’s Instagram page was also updated on Thursday morning, where it asked fans to disregard the report by Megan.

“With all due respect… please disregard anything Megan Cuniff reports on Tory Lanez…her objective, perspective/ narrative has always been negative and extremely biased towards him.. if there is an update on tory it will come from this page first. If it doesn’t come from this page it’s not real. With love- The Umbrella,” the Canadian rapper’s Instagram story read.

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