Jahshii’s Attorney Peter Champagnie Scold Police Over Handling Of Case

Jahshii's attorney questions police handling of their investigation following alleged murder


Jahshii’s attorney-at-law, Kings Counsel Peter Champagnie, says he’s concerned about the way cops from the Jamaica Constabulary are dealing with his client in light of the artiste being shot at recently.

Champagnie was hired by Jahshii weeks after police publicly announced via media house Nationwide News that they wanted to speak to him. The police did not say whether he was a person of interest or wanted for questioning except to say it was in relation to a murder in Grants Pen on June 7.

The attorney expressed his displeasure on Sunday at the way the police were treating his client, which could put him at risk, especially following the attempt on his life on Friday morning.

According to Champagnie, cops could have easily contacted Jahshii or his counsel to let them know they wanted to speak with him. He added that the actions of the police towards his client were different and proved that persons of a different class were treated differently by the police.

Jahshii, whose real name is Mluleki Clarke, retained Champagnie after St. Andrew South police said he was being sought for questioning into the murder of a man named Omar ‘Romie’ Wright in Grants Pen.

There are corresponding rumors that the artiste had gotten into an argument with Wright hours before he was killed over Wright’s treatment of Jahshii’s mother. The two, who are vendors in Grants Pen, got into an argument where Wright allegedly threw water in her face.

Jahshii’s mother has denied that she and Wright had any argument and called out blogs for causing rumors to spread, which puts her son at risk by other criminals in the area since Wright was allegedly a ‘don’.

On Friday, Jahshii narrowly escaped death as gunmen attacked him and his entourage, leaving six (6) members of his entourage injured. Jahshii escaped unharmed.

According to his attorney, Jahshii had given a statement to police on Friday concerning the shooting, which left his client shaken.

The artiste who was attacked by gunmen traveling on a motorcycle reacted to the shooting later on Friday, writing, “dem a try YF.”

His lawyer says the artiste “decries violence” and wants members of the public to assist the police in investigating the shooting.