Valiant Showcase Versatility With Debut Mixtape “4:14”

Valiant dropped off his debut project "4:14" a mixtape he says showcase his versatility as a dancehall artist


Dancehall artiste, Valiant has announced the release of his first full-length project, a mixtape called 4:14.

Taking inspiration from fellow artiste Masicka, the artiste announced the name and date of the project to come. The launch for the mixtape took place at Marketplace Entertainment Centre for the Arts earlier this week and saw Valiant receiving support from fans, friends, and fellow artists.

Valiant blew up sometime last year after his song “Dunce Cheque” sparked controversy. Being a skilled artiste, he used the negative publicity to establish himself, and under a year since he started, he says the time is right for his first full-length project.

“It’s been a long journey… and mi kinda nervous,” Valiant said as he dropped his usually confident exterior. “4:14 has to do with timing. It really mek a stamp in we life, 4:14,” he began.

He also revealed that he received support from many artistes who are on the project as he reflected on some of the doors that others locked in his face.

“A far mi a forward from. You know far, far, far. Where we get rejected. If we go [to] a studio, dem a run we out because a sing we a sing so dem nuh waa hear no singer, so mi affi fight fi it a different type a way,” he said.

The artiste also reflected on the criticisms he received in his career and thanked fans for continuing to support him.

“Mi nuh waa sing certain things but mi affi sing it, [but] mi really waa show unu seh mi love unu and appreciate this. Mi a go continue doing the good,” he said.

As for his critics, he added, “the mixtape a really fi show them seh it’s not just trap dancehall alone we can do… [but] the original dancehall…. The mixtape is really fi set a pace, fi show dem seh we versatile; reggae, dancehall, gospel, Afro, Spanish and French.”