Popcaan and Toni-Ann Singh Performs ‘Next To Me’ On Amazon Music

Popcaan and Toni-Ann Singh shows a little PDA while performing their collab "Next To Me" for Amazon Music

Popcaan and Toni-Ann Singh

Popcaan and beauty queen Toni-Ann Singh are hitting new heights as they perform their first collaboration, “Next To Me,” on Amazon Music.

The former Miss Jamaica World and Miss Universe shared that she recently performed her debut song with her rumored boyfriend, Popcaan, for the American music platform.

In a video shared by Toni-Ann on Instagram, she and Popcaan are seen performing with a live band in the background while they are illuminated by a light in the center of the room. Both are seen wearing neutral colors of yellow while a large screen plays visuals of them in the background.

Toni-Ann shows off her vocals as Popcaan lets her shine and sing out all her verses while he pops in with the chorus. There is speculation that the pair might be dating as they shared a kiss in the original music video, and their chemistry was palpable as Toni-Ann held the artist’s hand and sang the second verse of the song.

“Ah, oh, Met a few lifetimes ago/You were Anthony, I was Cleo/Make the world a place only we know, oh,” she sings while holding Popcaan’s hand.

On Instagram, Singh writes, “Had such an amazing time during this live performance of “Next To Me” for Amazon Music. Forever grateful to @popcaanmusic for sharing his stage and this moment with me.”

Fans of Toni-Ann reacted to the pair’s performance. “You guys chemistry is unmatched,” one fan wrote.

Another said, “The audio is so great! The audio engineer did an amazing job. No lie! I haven’t heard a live set sound so beautiful. Most of them do not know how to give you that sound…the mix and effects on your vocals is top notch. The mic nuh dry at all!”

In the meantime, the Amazon Music set appears to be a feature on Popcaan, who performed several of his tracks for the platform. Among the songs the artist performed are “Freshness”, “Great Is He”, “Next To Me”, “Cry Fi Yuh Body” Medley, among others.