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Quavo and Offset Unites At Takeoff’s 29th Birthday Months After Feud

Quavo and Offset bury the hatchet to show a united front at Takeoff's birthday

Quavo and Offset
Quavo and Offset

Quavo and Offset appear to have buried the hatchet as they showed up for a birthday celebration for Takeoff on Sunday.

The two rappers have been at odds, and it is speculated that their disagreement caused the Migos to break up in 2022. Quavo and Takeoff had gone off on their duo and solo career, while Offset also focused on his. The two rappers were still in malice when Takeoff was shot and killed during a dice game.

On Sunday, they appeared cordial as they reunited to celebrate their long-time friend and cousin’s birthday.

Videos online showed Offset and Takeoff speaking to each other for the first time since the Migos broke up and Takeoff’s death. Both rappers were seen rocking white t-shirts with Take’s face and birth date.

Offset and Quavo

Takeoff would have celebrated his 29th birthday on Sunday, and his family and friends still came together in fellowship to release balloons at a park in Atlanta. Writing on some of the balloons read, “To those whose flame has been extinguished, let this light represent our love and compassion. We will never forget you.”

A woman can also be heard shouting, “Son, I love you, I miss you,” as dozens of balloons were released.

On Instagram, Quavo shared several posts from family members and friends celebrating Takeoff’s birthday. “Miss you man fr!” he captioned a photo of the late rapper smiling.

The last time Offset and Quavo were seen together was backstage at the 2023 Grammys when the rappers apparently nearly fought over them both performing a tribute to the late rapper. A video shared online had Cardi B shouting at both men that it wasn’t right after they apparently disagreed with Offset joining Quavo to perform his tribute track to Takeoff’s “Without You” at the event.

It seems that both rappers are now in a better space.

In the meantime, Takeoff’s mother, Titania Davenport, is suing the bowling where Takeoff was killed last November.

Davenport filed a lawsuit outlining grounds of negligence by the 810 Billiards and Bowling which she says failed to take reasonable steps to protect her son and others at the event given past security concerns, including a past shooting at the same venue.

As for Quavo and Offset, many hip-hop fans, including the likes of Wack 100, reacted to the rappers taking the high road and realizing how short life is.